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Jan 13, 2008 12:54 PM


I have two pounds of fresh cherries and would like some interesting recipies suggestions. Thanks.

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  1. Dehydrate them, and coat them in dark chocolate... I'd say that it would make your cherries last longer, not having to worry about them spoiling...but dehydrated cherries covered in dark chocolate don't last long around our house.

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    1. Something else you might consider is making some ice cream / gelato and utilizing the cherries... Some of the best gelato I've ever eaten was from a place called Gelato Di Riso in St. Louis, MO, and it was made with hand-picked Door County Wisconsin cherries...

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      1. You could soak some in marascino liquer and make some *real* marascino cherries.

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          Preserved in Kirsch they are divine.

        2. Have you tried clafoutis? Patricia Wells in her Provence cookbook has a recipe, and I'm sure there are recipes on CH for clafoutis, which is a lovely but homely dessert in which an eggy flavored batter is poured over pitted cherries and baked for a custard-like finish. Delicious with vanilla or cinnamon ice cream or just whipped cream.

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            Clafoutis is pretty awesome. With fresh cherries I'd also suggest a sorbet. Or heating them up with sugar to get them syrupy and pouring over vanilla ice cream.

            I've also made fruit crisps with them. I love fresh cherries and tend to just eat them while I can. When they start getting soft and not "crisp", I'll turn them into some sort of baked good.

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              If I had two pounds of cherries, I would make this pie:


              And then I'd make some vanilla ice cream. Yum.