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Wanted: Lunch recommendation near Jeweler's Row

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We will be in the Jeweler's Row area later in the week and are looking for lunch recommendations within walking distance (other than Reading Terminal Market). We are looking for a sit down place, cost is not an issue (but not too fancy as we will be wearing jeans). We love ethnic food and are open to most cuisines and perhaps a noteworthy lunch in Chinatown. No buffets please.

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  1. How about Jones on Chestnut Street? It's a good stop for lunch, and very close to Jewelers Row.

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      My experience of Jones over the summer was poor food (brisket sandwich akin to slop), poor service - too many staff (including the manager on their cell phones) and an added gratuity to my check - we were 2 diners with 2 children. Another Steven Starr place where the staff are more important than the guests.

    2. I don't know how close a walk you want, but if you don't mind walking on Chestnut to 2nd St., Ariana's and Kabul are both sit-down Afghan restaurants that we've enjoyed. I actually haven't been to either for a while now, tho', so check that they're both still there!

      1. Morimoto is right around the corner from Jeweler's Row. You can do sushi or a lunchtime omakase.

        1. Tampopo is a good Korean restaurant right on Jeweler's row. I believe they also have sushi.

          1. Amada

            1. there's aqua, the thai/malaysian place - i think around 7th and chestnut? BYO. i love their sauces there. the peanut sauce that comes with the tofu app - alternates back and forth between tasting thai and tasting indian. it's interesting!

              1. Kibitz in the City 703 Chestnut St is a cute little Kosher Deli with overstuffed sandwiches & baked goods and around the corner from most of Jewelers Row.

                1. Rangoon, a Burmese restaurant on 9th btw Arch & Cherry. Get the thousand layer bread w/ potato curry and almost any of their interesting salads.