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Jan 13, 2008 12:27 PM

Biscuits 'n Gravy

So... believe it or not I've never experienced biscuits and gravy, but then again I'm not a Southern girl.

In any case I've found myself with a strange craving for this meal when I've never even had it before! Any suggestions? I'm in DFW.

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  1. Keykey,

    Are you wanting just biscuits and gravy or ham/sausage biscuits & gravy? I have not found any that could beat my fathers home made and he usually makes his with ham or sausage. Most of the places might have a good biscuit but are going to have a pre-made package gravy mix with bits of sausage in it, not very tasty. Sorry I couldn't be much of a help? Have you tried grits also to round out the true southern experience?

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      There is a place in Lewisville that is called Ham and Eggs it is run my this cranky old lady, but the food is wonderful. If you go go hungrey as portions are huge.

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        I have to agree with you on Ham N Eggs...being from Lewisville myself...portions are huge. A biscuit the size of a small cake but the gravy....premade mixture :(. Thumbs up to the biscuit maker, thumbs down to the gravy maker. The other food at Ham N Eggs is superb, I want to know who actually finishes the pancakes or omlettes there! Weck's is also good on Main Street in Lewisville (west of 35) has a more New Mexico theme to the menu, but awesome breakfasts going on there too. Looks like Lewisville is a good breakfast place at least! I want to get Keykey hooked on biscuits and gravy, got to have great gravy to do that. I am still on a search for awesome gravy/biscuit combo.

      2. re: soulslinger

        I guess I'm looking for the real gravy... with ham or sausage. I don't even know! How it's possible to crave something I've never had is beyond me.

        And no... I haven't tried grits yet. As much as I love eating, I must admit I'm a virgin to many, many good eats. What do you suggest?

        1. re: keykey

          You want sausage gravy. I can't tell you where to go, but that's the standard around here. As many have said, the gravy is often the worst part, because it's from a mix, and they usually taste like paste, and the best you can do is turn it into salty/peppery paste. Biscuits can also be a problem IMO because they often sit around. The "down home" type restaurants that you would expect to have the best biscuits and gravy often completely overlook this dish, sticking with the powdered gravy and frozen biscuits that were baked at 4:00. My experience has found that it is less traditional places that put the care into all it's dimensions. Down the thread a bit it looks like someone has recommended Breadwinners. Judging by how good their other breads are, I'm sure the biscuits are fanstastic. I'd start there. In fact, I might have to go treat myself soon.

      3. on 377, in your "own" Roanoke, is a pretty darn good restaurant that , for the life of me, I can't remember the name of - but I do remember that my SO, the master of gravy making, had their B & G and pronounced them - good. and i, a Ca boneless/skinless chick breast girl for 60 years who now only wants to eat beef, will be glad to be your lunch partner there anytime! their sliced beef sammie is delish!

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          I know the Gravey is sort of a bummer but those biscuits are to die for and those pancakes hve you ever seen anything like them.. We do one order for my family of three. Also, their omelette's are outstanding. We haven't been in a long time as I have lost about 50 lbs in the last 2 years so I have to avoid those types of places, but I do dream about the food there.

        2. Gravy is the problem.....I can find decent CFS and biscuits around town but cream gravy - not so much. As the other CH'ers said, it mostly seems to made from packaged mixes which I find vile and won't eat. The only place I will eat biscuits and gravy is Babe's - it's not as good as what I grew up on or can make at home but it's not bad.

          1. Breadwinners on McKinney in Dallas is a good pick (they also have a Lover's Lane location). Wonderful, fluffy, home made biscuits and cream gravy with small bits of sausage. And get some apple wood smoked sausage to go with it. And some of their yummy Elly coffee.

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            1. re: jdstevenson

              Anyone know whether the breadwinners outposts differ? I got some biscuits and gravy there this morning. the gravy was very good, but the biscuit was dry. It was a drop type biscuit and had okay flavor. The sausage in the gravy was pretty tame, but had a good fresh fennel flavor. Overall not worth what they charge. Plus, the coffee wasn't Illy, but was lavazza.

              1. re: kindofabigdeal

                Well of course the option is to purchase their biscuits to go and make your own sausage or what I prefer bacon gravy. Making the gravy is easy and except for a very few greasy spoons yours will be better. Now biscuits are not horribly hard to make, but are more of an art.

            2. The Mecca on Harry Hines in Dallas serves the best biscuits and gravy I have had around here. It is a "hole in the wall" classic so don't expect glamour but their breakfasts are supreme. I don't think they are open on sundays so double check if you decide to go.

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                I must second Kristi47's recommendation of The Mecca---it is fabulous! It is NOT open on Sunday, and is closed by 2 or 2:30. Parking can be an issue, but Dallas Finest (Police) dine there, so you know it's good. The cops don't have time for mediocre food!