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Caribbean Island with excellent French Food.

ER2 Jan 13, 2008 11:57 AM

Does anybody recall a brief but lively discussion around this time last year about a certain Caribbean Island with excellent French food.?The discussion was detailed enough to include discussions of individual restaurants. I meant to make a note of it but forgot. I'm asking for help now as I may be able to get a week off towards the end of February and this would be one place I would definitely like to visit. It would help, however, if I could remember the island's name! TIA.

  1. Angelina Jan 16, 2008 10:52 AM

    SBH.. St Barth's Without a doubt!!!

    It is the MOST amazing island in all the caribbean....nothing can compare..at all!!
    Here are some of my favs on the island:

    no particular order:

    Le Repaire
    Wall House
    La Saladerie
    Pa Cri (Italian!!)
    Le Gaiiac
    Le Select

    as you see the list can go on and on!!!! I wish I could fly there now!!!

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    1. re: Angelina
      rosieg Jan 21, 2008 02:20 PM

      We've spent the last three New Year's Eves at Eddy's, and it's always lovely Au Port has an interesting and different menu. Who knew I likekd goat? And breakfast at La Creperie! Shopping at the AMC market on the harbor is also great.

      1. re: rosieg
        Angelina Jan 22, 2008 04:20 AM

        I just LOVE picking up a bagette and a big hunk of cheese from Match and loungimg around the villa's pool in the morning!! Then off the Saline!!

    2. legourmettv Jan 14, 2008 03:13 AM

      Definitely the French side of St. Martin, from there you can easily cross to St. Barths (Saint Barthélemy) by ferry. Depending on the day you depart (which affects where you depart from) the trip is 45-70 minutes.

      The number for ferry info is:(+590) 590 27 54 10

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      1. re: legourmettv
        evening Jan 15, 2008 12:33 PM

        but, if you plan to get on that ferry - take Dramamine/Bonine... You can also fly in 10 minutes.

        St Barth is the best! I've never had a bad meal there, but the parents live there so I know where to go.

        1. re: evening
          ddavis Jan 15, 2008 03:46 PM

          So where do you go? I would love to hear some suggestions from someone who really knows the place.

      2. ddavis Jan 13, 2008 05:47 PM

        I'm not sure which island was being discussed before, but the little island of St. Barth has more restaurants than you will have time to get to in a month, much less a week. I posted my restaurant experiences there from January 3-10 here:


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        1. re: ddavis
          phelana Jan 14, 2008 01:56 AM

          Aside from the obvious, the French islands, I highly recommend Bistro De Paris if ever on Bonaire. Patrice and Fred prepare an lovely meal. I believe both are from Normandy area.

        2. Veggo Jan 13, 2008 01:29 PM

          The french side of St. Martin.

          1. s
            six dower Jan 13, 2008 12:01 PM

            St.Barts is the best island for French food. It is simply paradise.....

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            1. re: six dower
              pearlD Jan 13, 2008 01:24 PM

              Well for sure it isn't Jamaica BUT.... There is an incredible French Restaurant (like dining in an old inn in Quebec or rural France) in a town about 15 or so miles away from Ocho Rios called Moneague. The restaurant is called Cafe Aubergine and it is simply wonderful...all manner of haute cuisine, beautifully presented and served with flair. People come from Kingston or Montego Bay (these are a good two to two and half hours away on road that is sometimes 'iffy'.....) to eat there. It is very expensive but worth every dollar, for us it is a 'special treat' place (I guess we treat it like Scaramouche in that it is a destination for a Celebration/Anniversary etc. (plus we don't have a car here but we hire a 'driver' and car for the evening...easier than owning a car) Jamaica makes good/great local food, passable Italian and generally dreadful pizza....so as a food destination you best like either of those two cuisines! We have a "Hard Rock Cafe" and a Margueritaville(sp?)....We are not amused!! JAMAICA is fabulous though and we consider it our second home!

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