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Jan 13, 2008 11:22 AM

Carolina Cup Camden, SC Good Eats

Hey all
Looking for some good, moderately priced eats in and around Camden, SC. We will be coming for Carolina Cup in March. Thanks in Advance!

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  1. There is supposedly a good rest. in a little town called Rembert 20 minutes or so outside of Camden on 521 going towards Sumter. It is called Lilfred's. ( I've never been but I've always wanted to make the trip since it is supposed to be a very good restaurant in an unlikely setting. To call Rembert a town is a bit of a stretch. A crossroads way in the country is more like it. If you do eat there please let us know how it is.

    1. My husband is from Camden and we go to the Cup every year. Camden is by no means a foodie destination but there some options for when you are in town. Camden is small so the town is packed that weekend, I would make dinner reservations. Here is some information from the Chamber:

      I can reccomend:
      Crescent Grille (dinner
      )Everyday Gourmet (lunch)
      Mad's Restaurant (lunch)
      Camden House of Pizza (dinner)

      I can't vouch for these but have heard positive things:
      Sam Kendall's
      Old Armory Steakhouse
      Mill Pond Steakhouse (in Rembert)

      Have fun at the Cup!

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        Thank you so much for the suggestions. Are any of these Bar/Restaurants? If we can't end our evening here, where should we go?

        1. re: aphayes

          The Crescent Grill has a lively bar scene, that's probably your best bet.

          Old Armory Steakhouse also has a bar but I have never been there so I can't vouch for it. San Kendall's may as well.

      2. I apologize for all of the questions. We were unable to get hotel rooms in Camden and are staying in Lugoff. Apparently 2 of Camden's hotels were completely bought out by single entities. So the new question... anywhere good in Lugoff (or surrounding area that may be less crowded than Camden) or should we just plan on driving into Camden? Thanks so much!!!

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          sorry to hear you are in Lugoff. :-/ My husband races in Kershaw sometimes and we stay in Lugoff. There is not much in the way of good food (that we found anyway). That said, we did have good pizza at Lugoff House of Pizza. It is in the corner of a strip mall on Jefferson Davis Hwy (Hwy. 1). It is typical of a pizza house, not much atmosphere, but the food is good. It is always busy, so a good sign! :-)

          There is also a decent Mexican place near the pizza place - also on Jefferson Davis Hwy, but is free-standing (San Jose, maybe?). We stayed at the Quality Inn (used to be Holiday Inn) and they are both close by.

          If you want to drive a little, we had a great meal at the Greenleaf Inn (B&B), but that's in Camden. It is upscale dining. I looked on their website and couldn't find any information about dinner, so don't know if they are still serving it to the public. It was excellent though and you'd probably need a reservation.

          One restaurant NOT to go to - Magnolia's on the way to Camden from Lugoff - we had a terrible dinner and service there!

          good luck!

        2. My parents live in Camden. They like the following;
          1.The Old Armory Steakhouse
          2. Sam Kendalls
          3. Lugoff house of pizza
          4. Little Midget for lunch - it has the best chili burgers and chili dogs! It is truly a hole in the wall but you can get your food and take it across the street and eat in the park.THIS IS MY FAVORITE PICK OF THE BUNCH!!
          5. Hammys barbeque in Elgin which is a few miles out of town on US 1.

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          1. re: charlestonrealtor

            Thank you so much for the tips! This will help a lot :)

            1. re: aphayes

              I would try Sam Kendall's. We were there for the Colonial Cup and had an excellent dinner. I would suggest reservations, they were busy when we were there.

          2. I live in Camden! We are small but quaint! Glad to have you come for the Cup! Sam Kendalls is by FAR the best place to eat here in town. Camden House of Pizza. We have a nice little KFC thats CLEAN. McDs in town isnt as decent as the one coming into town. We have Little Midget. LOVE this place. Lots of little Sandwich shops in town. One called BSL Its totally remodelled and serves good diner food. Armory is OK. Cresent is trendy but food is terrible. Old South bought out Magnolia. Greenleaf no longer serves dinner, I dont think. Lilfreds is no more. They are in town now called Indigo Joes or something like that. Just browse around and stop anywhere. Youll be treated like family!

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              Actually Lilfreds is very much still operating albeit under new (and dedicated) ownership. I've eaten there more than once and think the food is outstanding! Their website is Please note the ".net" on the end. You'll find their information and the menu. I've had a number of the offerings and would recommend anything on their menu. Do try it, you won't be disappointed. Suggest you call for reservations.