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Jan 13, 2008 11:12 AM

Favorite Casual restaurants in Nashua, NH

Everyone always mentions places like Surf and Michael Timothys when talking about cuisine in Nashua. But I can't afford to eat there every week. Let's post some great casual restaurants.

I enjoy:
Vietnam Noodle House
Goong Choun

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  1. not sure if this is considered casual but we really enjoyed Indian Palace on Amherst St. La Carrata's is another great place on DWH. And even though it gets mixed reviews (we've been twice and loved it, sitting at the sushi bar) is Red Leaf on DWH.

    1. Has anybody been to Sabor Brasil lately? Used to have a reasonable churrascaria which I thought was better than Gaucho's.

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        It's our first choioce for churrascaria. We were there a week or so ago, and enjoyed both the barbequed meats as well as several of the hot buffet dishes, and the always yummy caipirinha. Friendly, very reasonable, and tasty. The only complaint I have is that the meat is over salted, but I think that's true for most Brazilian barbeque around here.

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          Sabor Brasil is a Nashua hidden jewel. All you can eat is $18 or you can go by the pound for about $7 - You can easily get a lunch for $10. It's a simple place but very clean and they have a variety of ethnic offerings on the hot buffet.

        1. Green Tea in Hudson... not as fancy or as good as Lilac Blossom, but decent food at a fair price.
          There's a place on Amherst St. called Aspirations, which makes very good sandwiches and other things, although I haven't been there a while. I don't think they are open for dinner.

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            Aspirations is good for lunch. The half sandwich and soup combo is the way to go! Another place we just tried was Adria, on Main St. They are open for lunch, and prices are pretty reasonable:

          2. I absolutely love Ocean Garden on Amherst St, across from the bowling alley, Vietnam Noodle House is another one for good food, but the service and atmosphere are terrible. I do want to try Goong Choun.

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              Goong Choun closed--a Japanese restaurant replaced it, can't recall the name.

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                Thanks for the heads up... it would have been a wasted hour drive!

                1. re: gryphonskeeper

                  It's now called kiku and i've heard good things about it but haven't tried it yet.