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Jan 13, 2008 11:10 AM

Anyone eat at Orso in Berkeley yet?

On Oxford?

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  1. The recent incarnation of Eclipse?

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      Had a lovely meal at Orso last's managed by the owner of Alborz Restaurant on Center, Berkeley. Wonderful grilled meats (chicken, pork chops, lamb) and salads (I had the greens with pine nuts and my companion the Greek salad...both were wonderful!). Hope this restaurant finds its audience. They have live music, I believe, on Thursday nites. Friendly service staff and a lovely cup of coffee & desserts to end the meal. Prices very low for the quality.

    2. Yes! I keep driving by and it always seems empty, although the inside looks quite nice...

      1. Anyone else been here yet??? Yelp gives it high marks, but I'm wondering what my fellow Chowhounders think...

        1. I haven't actually eaten at Orso, but I ate at Anna's Jazz Island last week. Anna's Jazz Island is across the street from Orso, and exclusively serves food from Orso. It is carried across the street in plastic to-go containers, and replated at the Jazz Club (on plastic plates, like you use at summer camp).

          The food we ate was fine, but nothing remarkable. I had the Orso salad, which was butter lettuce with mandarins and cheese. The dressing was on the side. It was a lovely salad and $9. We shared a grilled vegetable pizza. It was individual sized and thin crust, with some roasted vegetable and mozzarrella. It We also had the tapenade appetizer, which was a small container of pleasantly salty tapenade, served with a lot of over-seasoned croutons. My kids shared a margherita pizza which made them very happy. Other people in our group ordered an eggplant dish, a chicken pizza and caesar salads. Everyone was fine with their food, but no one was delighted. The biggest problem was a complete lack of competent service, and not enough room to put the food on the tables, but I doubt that would be a problem if you actually ate at Orso.