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Jan 13, 2008 11:04 AM

dessert for out of town guest? MSP

I have a friend from NC in town and we want to go out for dessert tonight. We'd like some place fairly relaxed, yet nice; something local rather than a chain preffered. Also needs to be a place that is easy on the wallet. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Any section of the Twin Cities, in particular? St. Paul vs. Minneapolis preference?

    Cafe Latte on Grand Ave in St. Paul does a lovely turtle cake and they have a wide variety of desserts from which to choose.

    And for a real hole in the wall and something quite different (but definitely more of a cafe than a restaurant) is Bravo! Bakery on Grand Ave in St. Paul--their cakes are gorgeous, but you just never know what they're going to have available by the slice in the bakery case. The green tea cake with red bean frosting is a kick. Their cream puffs are good. Atmosphere definitely lacking.

    Izzy's ice cream on Marshall in St. Paul--always a great choice, although, not much of a place to sit to enjoy your cone, especially in winter.

    I really like the desserts at Ngon Bistro on University Ave in St. Paul, their ginger creme brulee and the mung bean cheesecakes (I like both the vanilla and the chocolate) are three of my favorite dishes in the Twin Cities, but you never know what they are going to have. You could call ahead and ask, I suppose. Lovely interior, but University Avenue neighborhood.

    EDIT: I don't know, though, if I'd consider any of these places "destination" type places for dessert specifically. (Except for Izzy's!--which I would drive across town for.)


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      I drive across town for Bravo cake! =) Best 3.50+gas in town.

      Cafe Latte is the placetobeseeneatingdessert.. but let's go Minneapolis: I think French Meadow or Birchwood will always have something more unique & tasty :) There's dessert bars like Zelo or Zeno or whatever in Uptown, but I have heard it's not worth the parking hassle.

      Mung Bean cheesecake sounds fun. What does the mung bean replace?... is it less sweet or something than normal cheesecake? I love Vietnamese desserts.. but can't imagine what this one is like?

    2. how about spoonriver for dessert? i've enjoyed the desserts there, pretty atmosphere and actually not too expensive, as long as you don't add a bunch of drinks. . .