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Jun 13, 2001 08:04 PM

LA Farm on Olympic

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Anyone been to this place? What's the scoop?

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  1. Have been a few times over the past couple of years. California cuisine with portions that don't leave you feeling you need to get something to eat on the way home. Very pretty restaurant with good, but not great food. The prices are not over the top either. I like it as an out of the mainstream place for a romantic evening. My business partner and her husband were there not to long ago, and she said that they liked it very much. I would have no hesitancy in recommending it.

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    1. I used to go here all the time for their New York Steak with brandy peppercorn sauce- yum. Then the horrific owner tried to make my husband and I move to another section (we were in the pretty patio) since my friend was late in meeting us - this was after an hour of sitting and eating appetizers. It's an "industry" place - I'm sure we didn't seem important enough. We were arguing with him when my friend arrived. Her french husband then started cursing at the French owner and we left, never to return. I do miss the great atmosphere and oh, that steak. I wouldn't let that stop you though - just thought I'd share that :).

      1. I found it unmemorable. Been to Sabor's on Pico? Yummilicious!

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          Yes Sabor, mmmmmm It's Sabor-lious!

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            I have no excuse for my failure to visit Sabor, especially given the fact it is about 3 minutes from my house. I even drove by the other day and looked in the window. What can you, and Chatty Muhlyssa recommend as dishes not to miss? Thanks in advance.

            1. re: Mike Kilgore

              Yucatan Chicken Lime Soup (Grilled chicken breast slices, chiles, roasted tomato fresh avocado and crispy corn chips in a clear chicken broth)

              Coxinha (buttermilk-flour crispy puffs filled with chicken and goat cheese, served with pico de gallo)

              Pupusas (corn meal cakes stuffed with chicharron, loroco herb and cheese, served with curtido)

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                They have these big, thick smoked pork chops with some kind of a sweet fruit glaze (apple?) on them. Those are really wonderful.

                1. re: Mike Kilgore

                  The pork sandwich which has roast pork, a salty ham, and cheese, gushed together. It's served with a cole slaw that runs all over the plate and gets the bread wet which all sounds pretty gross except it's incredibly good.