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Jan 13, 2008 10:49 AM

Where to Eat in Atlanta (Vinings)?

I'll be in Atlanta (Vinings) over a February weekend and am looking for a dinner recommendation. I went on Opentable to look at places in the area. Lots of steakhouse and southern food options. I'll be there visiting the gf's family so I'm not really looking for the steakhouse thing. The southern food route could be interesting since we don't usually eat southern food, even though we live in DC - the south to a Chicagoan.

The place that caught my attention was South City Kitchen in Vinings. What do you think? What other recommendations do you have?

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  1. Canoe over South City Kitchen.

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Yes, Canoe would be a must if you are in that area. You should also look into The River Room. There's also the Blue Ridge Grill on West Paces Ferry, as well as the OK Cafe (would be fun for breakfast or brunch).

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          I epect may of you to be offended at this comment, but I'm just not a fan of Canoe. Yes, the food tastes wonderful and the atmosphere is idyllic, but I have yet to leave there without still feeling hungry, so I have to knock them on the portion sizes. I am not a big person and don't eat mounds of food, but even with a 3-course dinner I always leave Canoe feeling like I need to eat a bowl of cereal when I get home.
          Here's a link to the Vining's Jubilee website, which is a great place to wander for an afternoon of shopping and then eat or meet with friends:
          I like SoHo there as a dining option.

        2. There are lots of cool places to check out, all depends on price and type of food. If you're looking for some place really nice, check out these options:

          They're all really good restaurants and you can't go wrong. If you go for South City Kitchen, be sure to try the shrimp & grits.

          1. Here's a relatively-recent thread:


            I was about to give you a hard time for not using the search engine, but I couldn't manage to search for "Vinings" and not get every other vine-related thing on this board as a result.

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              Pretty much agree with atlantachowhound's rec's...

              No to South City.