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Jan 13, 2008 10:28 AM

gift certificate for brother in Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill area

It's January and I have not yet finished my holiday shopping! My workaholic foodie brother lives in Carroll Gardens close to Smith St. and Court St. and I had wanted to get him a gift certificate to a tasty restaurant in the area. Attempts to contact his local friends to weasel recommendations were unsuccessful, and online the choices are overwhelming. He is an unpretentious omnivore. Somewhere with takeout would be helpful. Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. i dont think there's takeout, but chestnut would be great. its one of my favorite restaurants in the neighborhood by far. and the gift cert would go farther on their tues/weds prix fixe nights. po would be another fun place with an excuse to have to go to. for somewhere that does takeout - everyone on this board has had good reviews about the new chinese on smith - i think szechuan garden maybe. also pane e vino does good takeout - amazing paninis etc. or there are a few good food stores also - stinky brooklyn and smith & vine - its wine shop counterpart across the street, or cobblestone foods on court. if you want a more straight takeout spot - there's ghang thai or ki or hana for sushi.

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      agree that Stinky is a good choice for the certificate - they are set up to do them (I've given them as gifts) and he will be able to enjoy it over a longer period of time.

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        Agree, Stinky's a great idea.

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          Thanks for the great suggestions! I went with Stinky's and think he'll enjoy it.

    2. I second Chestnut. In case you decide to go for a dine-in restaurant, I highly recommend Frankie's 457 (gift-certificate is non-transferable with the Frankie's in Manhattan, so make sure to specify). Stnky, which others mentioned, would be a lot of fun for a foodie.

      1. I would check out Saul, on Smith Street - not sure if they do gift certificates but the food is awesome. Never had a bad meal there, great atmosphere too.