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Jun 13, 2001 01:39 PM

Italian--Good/Not Pricey

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Looking for good Italian either in the Venice or
Silver Lake/Los Feliz area. Nothing fancy, pretentious
or over-priced.....must be comfy, casual and homey....
a great neighborhood hangout.
(Have been to C & O and Palermos,want something new!)

PS--is there good butternut squash ravioli out there...
(besides what Trader Joes sells?)

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  1. Just went throught the list of Ital in SL/LF in my head. Can't think of a single one that meets your criteria. So sad for us.

    Puran's, now on Hillhurst, was a cute cozy place that served great Statocella (sp?) soup when is was south of sunset. In the new location they serve "wraps". Talk about the decline of western civ...

    Capri on Hyperion is family run and looks like the kind of place you're talking about. Unfortuanletly the food is totally -- I mean totally -- disgusting....

    One bright note: if you haven't tried it, the pizza at Michaelangelo's on Silver Lake is great...

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    1. re: Rafi

      I have tried Michelangelos and was impressed as well,
      it's very cozy....Netty's across the street is good

      Also....forgot to mention....for those replying later:
      I HAVE tried Alejo's and the Pasta Factory in Venice,
      was a decent meal.....I'm just looking for something

      1. re: Ann
        Michele Fuchs

        La Vecchia on Main Street (just south of Ocean Park) in Santa Monica, sorta Venice depends on who you're talking to....

        Great affordable Italian...nice neighborhood restaurant...decent/ good wine list....friendly staff

        Excellent salads, pastas, main dishes (chicken/veal/ fish)...brick oven pizzas and the best focaccia bread...

        We tend to go often...

        1. re: Michele Fuchs

          And a great marinated calamari and bean salad

      2. re: Rafi

        I was at Michaelangelo's about two weeks ago. The pizza was fine, but we received pretty bad service. The place was crowded; it was about 9:00 on a Friday night. Once seated, we had to wait about twenty minutes just to order. No one even came by to say they would be right with us. A group of guys waiting for a table that arrived long after us received their drinks before we could even order food OR drinks. I felt like we were seated at the invisible table.

        When the waiter finally came to take our order, he did apologize, saying that they were really busy. I understand "busy", but would it have killed someone to come by and take our drink order, speak to us or otherwise acknowledge our presence before twenty minutes had passed?

        Has anyone else who has been to Michaelangelo's had a similar problem, or was this a freak occurrence?

        1. re: Rafi
          Greg Mielcarz

          Il Capriccio on Vermont, across the street from the Dresden should meet your 'good not pricey' needs. It's one of my favorites...

        2. Well, you mentioned Venice in your intial post... Santa Monica is almost Venice. I like Il Forno on Ocean Park, I've been going there for many years. They are a sister restaurant to La Vecchia mentioned by Michele. Il Forno has patio outside seating that is fairly secluded too... and easier parking than Main Street

          There are a number of things I like at Il Forno... Pastas -- one with seafood and roasted red bell pepper sauce, penne vodka with salmon, good linguine clams. Nice Boullibase dish called Bolito di Mare. Tuna carpaccio with white bean salad. and many others!

          Friendly staff, many have been there long,long time. The kitchen staff have always been flexible adjusting ingredients if possible. Lots of regular customers which is always a good sign (I'm one of them).

          2901 Ocean Park Blvd.
          Santa Monica, CA
          (310) 450-1241

          PS -- I hear Drago on Wilshire in Santa Monica has pumpkin ravioli that are to die for -- similar to butternut squash.

          1. aleio's on washington and lincoln [next to the 7-11!]

            really good always crowded. bring your own wine!