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Jan 13, 2008 10:16 AM

The Source?

Not seeing a heck of a lot on this board about The Source (maybe there has been a bunch and my search just didn't bring it to me). I'm coming up in a few weeks and would love a great dinner out. Is The Source the place to go? New(ish) things we've already tried include Central, Dino's (not that new, I realize), Rasika, and BB. We don't want to go leave NW (my mother is kindly babysitting, and I'd rather spend our time eating and drinkng than cabbing/metroing). Any thoughts on The Source, or other ideas?

thanks in advance.

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  1. This is the Wolfgang Puck restaurant that's run by Scott Drewno... I've heard nothing but good things about it, and it's done in classic Wolfgang Puck style, having multiple menus and huge wine list, catering to many different crowds.

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      A visit two weeks ago with several friends confirmed my earlier impressions. I should note that Melia, the sommelier/host is leaving around the end of January for a new Wolfgang Puck steakhouse in Vegas which will be a huge loss.

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        and what were your earlier impressions?

      1. We have eaten there several times and enjoyed it each time. The green bean amuse bouche is great; crunchy and spicy. Of the appetizers we have had, the big eye tuna, the hamachi, and the crab tasting were the best. The "hand roll" tuna tartare is the most innvoative but not the best. Of the entrees, the red snapper was the best although recently they have used sea bass in the same recipe. The prawns and the scallops were also very good. Only the duck entree disappointed us. The "cherry blossom" dessert was quite disappoiting but the apple/pear dessert was good. Our favorite is the cookie plate; best cookies I have ever had in a restaurant The coffee (organic from Costa Rica) is very good (but mild). Good wine selection is good (although the sommeilier insists the servers go thru a pointless ritual of "priming" the glasses) and the service is very good. Enjoy it !

        1. Thanks so much - thats really helpful. I'm thinking this is what we'll go for. We try to check out a new place each time we come up (about every 3-4 months). I'm looking forward to it. Thanks for the warning on the duck - I loved duck and might have gone with it otherwise.

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            PS: If you like Duck [and I do too], the Congolese Duck at Braseerie Beck is about the best I have had in DC. The duck at Bistrot Lepic is also very good.

            1. re: Dakota Guy

              I've had the Congolese Duck at BB and totally agree - wonderful.

          2. My husband and I ate at the Source last night for my birthday dinner. I was unfortunately disappointed with its mediocre food and average service. We enjoyed the modern and sleek decor. Service was spotty; we didn't even get our green beans amuse buche. We sat next to the windows and felt a cold draft. I had to keep my coat on throughout dinner. The wait staff and management were too preoccupied hustling about to bring VIP Dick Gephardt's special amuse buche (s) of green beans & the spicy tuna. Oh well.

            We had the tiny dumplings, suckling pig, and whole fried fish. All dishes were good, but not sublime. Our experience was inconsistent and subpar.