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Jan 13, 2008 09:23 AM

Orion Bread Co, Cottonwood AZ

This new bakery opened over the summer. We had a loaf of their apricot bread (from New Frontiers) TOD and enjoyed it. We finally passed by when they were open -- they're in Old Town, at 1028 N. Main, 649-1557, about a half-block past Nic's (opposite side; towards Clarkdale). Open 10-3 M-T, 10-5 W-Sat. (I think).

Anyway, we kinda went wild & tried a buncha stuff--prices are very reasonable: 2 scones, 3 or 4 kinds of cookies, 2 kinds of cinnamon rolls, 2 kinds of mini fruit tarts, a nut-mix .... all were good, some very good. [Thinks] -- they all went pretty fast, and I can't think of anything we wouldn't get again. Best breakfast pastries in the Verde Valley, I think, and well worth trying. They serve coffee & tea (not tried) and have a dining area in the shop. Well worth a visit.

Cheers -- Pete Tillman

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