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Jan 13, 2008 09:10 AM

Do you use the 'Browse Feature' to show 'food images' on your Chowhownd postings?


Chowhound provides 4 possibilities for "photo attachments" to each posting and yet few people avail themselves of the feature. Personally I use the feature to illustrate my point of view, recommendation, to give a visual thankyou (thumbs up or the 3 MEATBALL AWARD for the best advice) or just to put a "face" on what I'm talking about.

I'm wondering WHY more Chowhounds don't use this. Could it be that many have never noticed the feature or are unfamiliar HOW to post a photo ?
What do you think of the feature?

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  1. Most people are using the photo feature to post photos they took themselves of things they've ordered or cooked, rather than to add visual nuance to their posts, so the use of it is limited by the number of people who actually photograph their dinners.

    As a side note, you are expected to upload only photos you own the rights to. If you're using pictures you've found on the web, even ones that are licensed under Creative Commons or other similar open licenses, there's a significant chance that Chowhound's Terms of Use and the license on the photo aren't compatible.

    -- Jacquilynne, Community Manager for Chowhound

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    1. re: Jacquilynne

      I've started using the photo attachment option and was disappointed to see the results of having my images reduced and quality impacted so negatively. Before I posted them I looked for help on this subject and didn't find any.
      If I'm mistaken, and the guidelines exist for adding images, then I apologize; but where are they? You say not over 2 meg file size... I guess I could post one 2 meg file? Not that I would, but it might allow someone to "zoom up" the image if they know how to do it. I have that feature on my keyboard.
      On one post, most of my 20-40K files were at 600 pixels wide. These were reduced to 550px, which ruined the quality and caused horrible moire on some.
      Could you please post instructions for how to get the most out of this (picture attachment) option? People need to know that 550 pixels is your width maximum and ? is your height maximum...
      Lastly: I am a semi-pro photographer. I don't see that there is anything I can do about reformatting my images (undoing what is posted/already done) so they can show up in their best possible quality. Is there any way to edit/replace images in the "Boards" postings?
      I've noticed now that I have images in my "photos" area, which I can delete. I am afraid to do that because I have lost my ability to edit the post to which the images are attached. What is the rule about that? Will deleting them remove them from the post, as well? How long do you have to edit a post before it is carved in stone?

      Now that I have complained a lot on this issue I would like to say how much I appreciate this site and the ability to discuss and find good food. My "area" seems to have some very active participants.

      1. re: Scargod

        The photo upload feature is pretty basic -- I'll try get the specific information you're looking for on optimal sizes, since I don't have it offhand.

        If you delete the image from your photos, the icon will be removed from the post, as well.

        You have 2 hours to edit a post before it's carved in stone -- but you can only remove photos when editing, not add more. Generally when people want to add new photos to a post (they had problems, or they have more than four photos), they just reply to it with another post.

        1. re: Jacquilynne

          Engineering indicates that images are resized to 520w by 390h on posts, and 290w by 210h on recipes, so those are the sizes to shoot for.

          1. re: Jacquilynne

            This information is not correct.
            Pictures I have added to my posts: is an image that is 550 X 420 or this that I recently uploaded: It is 549 X 420.
            I have a number of them that are this big. I had earlier found other's images that were 550 X 550, but that capability may no longer be available. I thought I had posted 550 X 550 images but I can no longer find them that size.
            When images are not in the 1.33:1 ratio (520 X 390) what happens to them? Are they cropped to that ratio or squeezed into that shape (meaning distorted)? 1.333:1 is not a standard 35MM format, nor is 290 X 210; 1.5:1 is. That means that my 550 wide images could be 366 tall. That would make more sense...

            I'm still trying to sort out why Lightroom jpg exports upload OK (knock on wood) and yet I am having inconsistent jpg uploads from Photoshop exports! I thought a jpg was a jpg, but apparently not and CH is the only site where I experience upload issues. I'm sure you have bigger fish to fry with the other anomolies on the website, but as I have said many times (, I wish you had a FAQ, or guide, with clear imformation and an accurate procedure for uploads, that works.
            BTW, I resolved my color degradation issues (which were not CH's fault) by changing the rgb format before exporting from Photoshop. Seems other software (like ImageReady-Save for Web) does not care for Photoshop's new "pro rgb" file format.
            I'm attaching a 550 X 366 size image to this post.
            EDIT: the site changed it to 550 X 376!

    2. C'mon over to the Home Cooking board. People, especially contributors to Cookbook of the Month, post photos there all the time. But over there we use them to illustrate what we've cooked, not as a replacement for emoticons.

      See, for instance,

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      1. re: JoanN

        I did come over!
        WOW, What a colourful, culinary........ collage.
        Thanks JoanN

        Last nights Onion Pie

      2. The original comment has been removed