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Jan 13, 2008 09:01 AM

Produce in Season April/May (Paris)

I was wondering what produce - mainly fruit (but vegetables as well) will be available in late April early May - we will be there at this time this year and I am sure we will miss out on most berries - Is Paris season similar to the states?

thanks all!

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  1. Well, Paris is a major food city so, in our world, obviously, you will find basically everything anytime of the year. Also there is a question of how that particular year goes. But what is in season in northern France in April is asparagus, mushrooms (not porcini), first strawberries, first green beans and peas, fèves absolutely. You might have some good cherries.

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      YES STRAWBERRIES and green beans! ok thank you. Whew - I know like in NY you can find anything but I really would like to stick to what is in season. This is our first time - and we are renting an apartment - so we are really looking forward to what is going to be in season as we will be doing some cooking - are all the markets created equal as far as choice and quaiity?