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Jan 13, 2008 08:21 AM

restaurants near Lakewood Ranch

We frequent St Petes a lot. I enjoy the diversity of eating at the beach style restaurants and then going into Tampa for a little more upscale fare.

We're looking to move to the Lakewood Ranch area. After some searching, it looks like we'd have to go either back up to St Petes or down to Sarasota/Siesta Key/Longboat to get to restaurants. Any thoughts or suggestions?? We'd like to have some nice eating establishments less than 10-15 miles away.



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  1. Not sure what you like, but your research may have missed a few things. LR has some very good 'casual' dining at McAllisters on Main Street, with an excellent Japanese/sushi restaurant next door. Fred's (also in LR) is very upscale, although it is coming under new ownership. The new owners have a great reputation from restaurants that they run in Sarasota as I understand it. Just nearby on University Parkway some very good chains have moved in including Outback, Carrabba's, Bonefish Grill, Stonewood Grill and Leroy Selmons (although I don't care for Selmon's much, others seem to like it). Island Time Grill is nicely upscale dining (also located just off University Parkway), and there is a newer Italian place near it that is also not bad (just been there once so far, the chicken was a bit tough but the overall taste was excellent). Just a few miles more and there is a very nice tex-mex place (Mi Pueblo). With the construction/development of a huge shopping/residential complex (a bit like Int'l Mall in Tampa in terms of stores like Nordstrom's, etc.) to occur just off University Parkway and the interstate, and restaurants like Cheesecake Factory supposedly going to move in, there's no doubt that you'll be just a few minutes away from a great many more restaurants over the next year. There's been a huge increase in dining options just over the past couple years and it looks like it's going to continue.

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      Yikes. Sounds marvelous. I appreciate the comment.

    2. My folks like in Sarasota and are at LR on business pretty frequently, lunch there all of the time. Freds is nice, though I prefer the original sarasota location. Good to hear that the LR location will be changing ownership, though it's a nice place to dine and has a nice brunch on Sunday's and holidays.

      My folks LOVE Astoria, which is Russian cuisine. I haven't been, but they keep promising to take me there on a future visit.