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Jun 11, 2001 11:42 PM

RUSSIAN FOOD help please!

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Will someone lead me to a Russian restaurant in Los Angeles or Orange County? We'll drive anywhere (but Santa Barbara would be too far ;) ). My boyfriend discovered this cuisine on a business trip to the Midwest, but I could only find three restaurants period!

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  1. There used to be a place on Wilshire (Mid-Wilshire area) called Perestroyka. I went there a couple of years ago and I remember enjoying it (it was the first time I tried Russian food). I'm not sure if they're still there, but check it out. I just looked up their address, and it's 5468 Wilshire; phone number is (323) 934-2215. Good luck!

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    1. re: Harmony

      I am no expert in Russian food, but this place is in my neighborhood...

      340 E 4th Street
      Long Beach, CA 90802
      Phone: (562) 951-1154


      1. re: Heather

        This is reasonably close by and seeing the menus/pictures on the website helped me get interested. I passed on the link to my boyfriend.

        1. re: ai

          I should note, the website's "Examples" section is a little misleading...the pictures show professional photos taken from a cookbook, I imagine.

          The restaurant itself is more a of a deli storefront, so don't go expecting lavish tablecloths and candelabras!

      2. re: Harmony

        I just found a page listing Russian restaurants in the L.A. area (see the link below).

        There are also several Russian markets in West Hollywood (mostly east of Fairfax), since there is a sizeable Russian population there.

        Hope this helps!


      3. Tsarina in Sherman Oaks has been very well reviewed. It is mostly take out deli but the do have some tables if you want to eat there.

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          Carolyn Tillie

          "Uzbekistan" on Pico (corner of Santa Monica Blvd. or Hollywood Blvd.? I never can recall) is outstanding. I live in the South Bay but frequently drive up there just for their Borscht.

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            Could you check on that address? I haven't lived in LA for 15 years, but I remember that Pico runs parallel to Santa Monica Blvd. and Hollywood Blvd.

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              The Uzbekistan I know is no where near Pico, it's at Sunset and LaBrea. I love that place but I can't vouch for it's Russian-ness. I know it's mostly Uzbekistian food, which I guess is very similar.

              1. re: muhlyssa
                Carolyn Tillie

                It is on Sunset & LaBrea -- I only know how to get there without remembering the exact address. Mea Culpa.

              2. re: Carolyn Tillie

                My dining companion loved the food. I also enjoyed the ring of bread with its spiced yogurt spread. We had (please excuse my failure to remember the names) a lamb soup and lamb pastry along with blinis + some lamb spaghetti noodle dish. I sense a trend ;)

                The desserts looked impressive and the orange round tasted rich. Thank you.

              3. On the S.W.corner of Ventura Blvd & Newcastle (Tarzana) in a little 2-story "strip mall" (not really but you get the idea) there is a Russian restaurant (there is only one restaurant, you cannot miss it). I have eaten there several times and recommend it. The owners *also* have a "deli" in the same bldg -- where you can buy Russian goodies to take home! (There is only one deli, so you cannot miss it either)
                The name of the restaurant is difficult to remember -- something like Tsiblisi? Not important though, it is on the SW corner of Ventura Blvd & Newcastle in Tarzana -- both the restaurant and deli open Monday - Saturday. The restaurant is open for lunch in addition to dinner.