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Jun 11, 2001 11:42 PM

RUSSIAN FOOD help please!

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Will someone lead me to a Russian restaurant in Los Angeles or Orange County? We'll drive anywhere (but Santa Barbara would be too far ;) ). My boyfriend discovered this cuisine on a business trip to the Midwest, but I could only find three restaurants period!

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  1. There used to be a place on Wilshire (Mid-Wilshire area) called Perestroyka. I went there a couple of years ago and I remember enjoying it (it was the first time I tried Russian food). I'm not sure if they're still there, but check it out. I just looked up their address, and it's 5468 Wilshire; phone number is (323) 934-2215. Good luck!

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      I am no expert in Russian food, but this place is in my neighborhood...

      340 E 4th Street
      Long Beach, CA 90802
      Phone: (562) 951-1154

      Link: http://www.caferus.qpg.com/

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        This is reasonably close by and seeing the menus/pictures on the website helped me get interested. I passed on the link to my boyfriend.

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          I should note, the website's "Examples" section is a little misleading...the pictures show professional photos taken from a cookbook, I imagine.

          The restaurant itself is more a of a deli storefront, so don't go expecting lavish tablecloths and candelabras!

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        I just found a page listing Russian restaurants in the L.A. area (see the link below).

        There are also several Russian markets in West Hollywood (mostly east of Fairfax), since there is a sizeable Russian population there.

        Hope this helps!

        Link: http://www.larestaurant.com/russian_r...

      3. Tsarina in Sherman Oaks has been very well reviewed. It is mostly take out deli but the do have some tables if you want to eat there.

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          Carolyn Tillie

          "Uzbekistan" on Pico (corner of Santa Monica Blvd. or Hollywood Blvd.? I never can recall) is outstanding. I live in the South Bay but frequently drive up there just for their Borscht.

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            Could you check on that address? I haven't lived in LA for 15 years, but I remember that Pico runs parallel to Santa Monica Blvd. and Hollywood Blvd.

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              The Uzbekistan I know is no where near Pico, it's at Sunset and LaBrea. I love that place but I can't vouch for it's Russian-ness. I know it's mostly Uzbekistian food, which I guess is very similar.

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                Carolyn Tillie

                It is on Sunset & LaBrea -- I only know how to get there without remembering the exact address. Mea Culpa.

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                My dining companion loved the food. I also enjoyed the ring of bread with its spiced yogurt spread. We had (please excuse my failure to remember the names) a lamb soup and lamb pastry along with blinis + some lamb spaghetti noodle dish. I sense a trend ;)

                The desserts looked impressive and the orange round tasted rich. Thank you.

              3. On the S.W.corner of Ventura Blvd & Newcastle (Tarzana) in a little 2-story "strip mall" (not really but you get the idea) there is a Russian restaurant (there is only one restaurant, you cannot miss it). I have eaten there several times and recommend it. The owners *also* have a "deli" in the same bldg -- where you can buy Russian goodies to take home! (There is only one deli, so you cannot miss it either)
                The name of the restaurant is difficult to remember -- something like Tsiblisi? Not important though, it is on the SW corner of Ventura Blvd & Newcastle in Tarzana -- both the restaurant and deli open Monday - Saturday. The restaurant is open for lunch in addition to dinner.