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Jun 11, 2001 08:11 PM

Bakeries in downtown LA

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I'm co-hosting a bridal shower in downtown LA (really!) later this week and I need to find a bakery in that area where I can pick up a nice cake (preferably something chocolate-raspberry). [I live in Washington, DC, so I'm kind of at a disadvantage.] Any suggestions?

thanks! Naina

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  1. L.A.'s Best Bakery N Town. They use recipes from Vickman's which is gone now. I don't know the address though.

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      This is probably not responsive to this particular query, however, on the general subject of downtown cakeries, I gotta put in good word for the Phoenix in Chinatown. I don't think they do chocolate. They do do really yummy fruit and cream white cake kinda things. The official birthday cake of most downtown offices.

      1. re: Cube

        I'll second that~!! I had the best strawberry cream cake here... not too sweet, a delicate & light texture that didn't overpower. yuuuuummm.. :)

    2. There is a bakery in the Biltmore Hotel building that makes very good cakes, including a dark chocolate cake wrapped with dark chocolate with a raspberry filling. (Or it was still there the last I knew . . .) Call the hotel and they can give you a name and number.

      1. Frances Bakery off Second (same shopping center as KaGaYa and Sushi Gen) and Ginza Ya in the (former) Yaohan Plaza both do beautiful cakes.