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Jan 13, 2008 07:32 AM

Toddler friendly on LI (E Nassau/W Suffolk)

We took my mom out for a birthday dinner yesterday with our 18month old daughter and while it was fine, I"m feeling I need to find more toddler friendly places for these kind of events.

I'm looking for suggestions for mid range places (no chains, no fast food) that would work. Off the top of my head, an example of what I'm looking for are like Testarossa (not even sure that is toddler friendly) in woodbury, something at that level.

While it's only a couple of times a year, I'd like to have a couple of choices.

Thanks so much! Cuisine isn't that much of an issue. (Japanese, Indian-we did Diwan in Hicksville, which was pretty nice ,Italian, etc )

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  1. Runyons- East Meadow. 13A was great til it went downhill and closed. Tesoro in Westbury is loud enough so you're not feeling selfconscious. Margaritas in East Meadow mexican or for that matter, any Mexican. Venere in EM. Tough to take the tykes out and have top notch, but all have adequate food.

    1. Butera's might work for you.

      1. Sitar on Jericho Turnpike near the border is great Indian. Also, isn't there a Pommodorino on Jericho Tpke in Huntington still? Haven't driven that strip in a little while, so not sure. There is also a Piccolo Busolla over there, and La Parma East, either would be fine. It of course depends on how well behaved your child is at any particular time. I have 2 sons who are now 19 & 22, but we did take them out when they were young. I did my best to find activities that could keep them busy while sitting in a high chair, never took them out too late, and would not let them get used to getting out of their seats and running around.
        By the way, I know you said no chains, but I just had lunch at the Bertucci's on route 110, and the menu is very nice, and it is certainly a place that you would consider child friendly.

        1. I have two 8-year olds, and we've been taking them out since birth. I think that just about any restaurant can be toddler-friendly if you go early, which was always the norm for us and bring a few toys or activities. Obviously very upscale places won't work, but I recall taking our kids to Lugers when they were about three. I think most restaurants appreciate the business, and (at least in warmer weather) you can always take the child out for a quick stroll if they get fussy.

          Also, most Japanese restaurants are happy to make plain rice sushi, and teriyaki noodles are always easy for kids, so maybe give that a try. Keep the wasabi out of reach, though.