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Jan 13, 2008 07:15 AM

Some places in Battersea and Balham, London

• Ciullo's (Balham)
Basic penne, but perfectly al dente. Good tomato sauce, nice flavour in the meatballs (although softening them a bit with more breadcrumbs might be better). Worth investigating further. Would want to go back to try their pizza (they're Neapolitan).

• Auntie Rose's Caribbean Kitchen and Bakery (Balham)
A solid and generous goat curry, tender but firm meat, pretty good spicing. OK rice and beans, perhaps a shade dry, but permeated with a bit of what I thought was coconut. They also sell Caribbean breads etc... Probably get their ackee and cod for breakfast one of these days.

• New pancake place on Balham High Road (approx. across from the Balham Waitrose)
Sorry forgot name. It looks shiny and new, the crepe with banana and chocolate sauce (green and blacks) was nice but a little overcooked (more crispy than soft and supple). I would have prefered the classic nutella, but that's a quibble. I like the more classic French ones at Patisserie Ann Marie a touch more.

• Natural Food Co. (North Cote Road, Battersea)
The orange acerola smoothie was ordinary, but they do have free wi-fi.

• Market stall on North Cote Road (Battersea)
A satisfactory mushroom and cheese croissant. Looks like they also sell from Maison Blanc.

• Lighthouse Bakery (North Cote Road, Battersea)
I thought the flapjack was ok to good, very sweet. Wonder what the other stuff's like....

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  1. What about Double Espresso and Pizza Bucci? Both very longstanding favourite Italians of mine. Usually go to the former - very good pizza and pasta dishes, but with interesting specials as well. Had a really good liver & bacon recently. Have you tried the Indian Room? Try the rice with roasted cashew nuts and the salmon tandoori starter. They also do (when it's not run out) carrot halwa for dessert.

    Hadn't heard of Ciullo's. I need to get out more.

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    1. re: Lord Brazing

      Has anyone ever been to Lambert's in Balham? It's been on my to do list for a while but never got round to it.

      Oh and if you want to eat well in Battersea, try the Fox and Hounds on Latchmere Road. Completely unknown and overlooked by Michelin (it's not starry food but deserves a 'gastropub' rating at least) but serves reliably fresh mediterranean food in pubby surroundings.

      1. re: monkeytennis

        Ate at Lambert's a while ago, liked their Sunday roast, even if the portions were a bit skimpy.

        Thanks for the Fox & Hound tip, will try it when I get the chance.

      2. re: Lord Brazing

        Thanks for the tips on Double Espresso and Pizza Buci, will have to give them a try. I've been to Indian Room in Balham which I quite like, but not their sister restaurant (Indina Moment) on Northcote Road.

        1. re: limster

          Indian Moment is ok in an emergency, but under-spiced and not a patch on Kastoori in Tooting. Lamberts is a bit overpriced, I thought.
          Have you tried Brew in Northcote Road? It is not open in the evening but they do really good coffee and croissants and I had a salad there for lunch hte other day that included Pea, feta and mint and a particluarly good one with 30r 4 different wild mushrooms (presumably bought from Lola Rojo across the road, which sells them on Saturdays only for a good price).
          Lighthouse Bakery only sells sourdough in hte way of bread. It's good but not wonderful, not as good as the old Lighthouse.
          Where is Double Espresso?
          I'll try the Fox and Hounds - have also heard good reports on it from another local.

          1. re: Jenny Sheridan

            Haven't tried Brew yet, but will try it for lunch on the weekends. I think the food at Kastoori is quite nice, but overpriced imho. Have you tried Sadya? I really liked their veg thali, but have only had it once, and am curious to see how consistent they are across the menu and over time.

            1. re: Jenny Sheridan

              Double Espresso is in Balham High Road, opposite DuCane Court. Lamberts I like a lot, but sometimes their meat is tough. Only occasionally, it's normally top-notch, and with interesting wines.

        2. Great thread.

          Banana Leaf - Battersea rise. I mentioned this place before, but it's a fav of mine and friends. Indonesian and Malaysian curries. Good selection of starters.

          Holy drinker - Northcote road - good selection of hard to get wines and beers from around the world - very cool, off the cuff interior.

          Raviolo- Balham - been meaning to try this place out. Looks interesting.

          Dish Dash (persian fare) - Bedford hill, Balham - Another on my list of places to try.

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          1. re: Nii

            I think Raviolo is closed...haven't seen the lights on there in a couple of months.

          2. Is Aunt Rose's Jamaican? Trini? Guyanese? What are the prices around? It's been a while since I've had proper Carribean food and if I don't get it during my next Brixton run (every week) then I'll travel for it.

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            1. re: JFores

              It's Jamaican. Haven't tried their codfish and ackee (they used canned ackee).

            2. Here are a few more...

              -- The Freemasons (Battersea Rise towards Wandsworth Common)
              Great food; never too crowded; fun pub quiz night

              -- Akash (Northcote Rd)
              Decent curries; very friendly

              -- The Duck (Battersea Rise towards Wandsworth Common)
              Wood oven pizzas; 2-for-1 Tuesdays!

              1. Just to add, the nameless pancake on Balham High Road is Clover Brown's.