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Jan 13, 2008 07:07 AM

Some Indian places in Tooting, London

Just odds and ends, nothing great, but nothing bad:

Ambala Sweets
A pleasant barfi, even if it wasn't life-changing. I'm leaning towards Pooja and Mr Munawar's (Punjab) as my preferred sweets places in the area.

A basic Keralan fish curry, tangy, peppery and spicy.

Lahore Spice Village
An average chapali kebab, a little tired but decent spicing. Gooey haleem is better, with the occasional meaty thread.

Shish kebabs could use more meaty spicy flavour but waas otherwise juicy. A hearty and slightly greasy mixed vegetable curry, with potatoes, aubergines, and frozen mixed vegetables (how else to account for the plentiful corn?); nice hint of ginger above the spice.

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  1. Have you tried Spice Village? In Tooting Bec - worth every penny of the £6 you will pay.

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    1. re: Mortz

      I think that might be the Lahore Spice Village I mentioned above. What are your favourite dishes there?

    2. You should also try Kastoori - vegetarian Gujurati place. I've always had great meals there but reports from others have been mixed, strangely.

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      1. re: monkeytennis

        Been there a couple of times... I think it's good but not life changing, and pricey for what it is it:

        1. re: monkeytennis

          I think Kastoori is brilliant, see
          Was pleased to see it got a bib i the new michelin guide.