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Jan 13, 2008 07:06 AM

Mediterra: BYO Turkish Park Slope 5th Ave & 6th St

Slopers seeking a byo alternative should give this place a try. Appetizers $6-9, entrees $15-20. Feta in fried phyllo (cigars) were hot and tasty, Adana kabob was nicely spiced. Lamb shank special was a bit bland, but perhaps they will take my comment to heart. The staff was friendly professional.

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  1. This is where Alaturka and Curry shop used to be, correct? (And that bahamian place ever before that.)

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      1. re: elecsheep9

        Tacis Beyti Restaurant, 1955 Coney Island Ave is BYO and a much better choice.

        1. re: josh L

          Great...not really in Park Slope though is it?

          1. re: pastoralia

            but its much better, more authentic, cheaper and a short subway ride away.

      2. do they plan on staying byob, or are they just in between licenses?

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        1. re: TBird

          I didn't ask. There is a wine rack in the room, however.

          1. re: TBird

            I walked by yesterday and looked in, and they said BYOB was "for a limited time only."

              1. re: TBird

                Just a quick note about lunch here. Since the owners are Armenian, I tried their lahmajoun (sp?). They give you two, used as a sort of wrap, with tomatoes and onions inside, plus a mixed green salad on the side. Tasty.

                1. re: parkslopemama

                  i think they will stay byob for awhile. we went last night, prime friday night dining time, and the place was empty. the food was hearty tho. i had the braised beef over smokey eggplant and my wife had moussaka. nothing outstanding but the free corkage makes it good for a few of my wine tasting groups. good to have a second/third place(scalino has been our go to as of late, and watanna is a fill in too).

          2. We just ate there for the 1st time last night and also had the braised beef with smokey eggplant. We also had an eggplant appetizer that was delicious. The service was excellent but, unfortunately, the place was empty. So much so that the owner and chef told us that by the 4th of July they're converting to a burger place. Such a shame. We'll be back before they convert!

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            1. re: hvarian

              "So much so that the owner and chef told us that by the 4th of July they're converting to a burger place."

              wow. while i am partly to blame simply for only visiting once, that is a shame.

              like, small scale burger place???

              1. re: TBird

                We were there the other night.
                The ambiance is stark. They could do with a Gordon makeover.
                They're offering burgers now and will go in full swing in a couple weeks, with some Mediterranean carryovers. If you have a fav dish from their Turkish menu, they said to call ahead, and they'll cook it for you

                1. re: parkedintheslope

                  saw the "new" name and sign, "corner burger".

                  can one still byob?

                  1. re: TBird

                    had a burger there recently, not exactly overwhelmed...and they have their beer/wine license, i didn't even inquire about byob...