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Jan 13, 2008 06:50 AM

Gelato in D.C. area?

After having Gelato at "Capogiro Gelato" in Philly recently I've been underwhelmed with what I've found around town here. Any hidden gems or ones that I may have missed? Is it possible to get good gelato in D.C?

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  1. Dolcezza in Georgetown makes me happy. They often have seasonal flavors, and that creamy taste and mouthfeel you want in gelato. They also have a stand at the Dupont Circle farmer's market.

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      ^^Isn't their gelato more Argentinian style - not Italian? That's what I was told at least. I've had it - it wasn't bad, but didn't seem authentic to me.

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        I don't really know what Argentinian style gelato is, but Dolcezza compares well with what I've had in Italy.

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          It is Argentine style gelato, but it's very good. I'm not a fan of all their flavors, but the tirimisu shouldn't be missed.

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            I know you've already had it, but wouldn't want to turn others off to Dolcezza, so fyi, I know you can also get it at Pete's Apizza in Columbia Heights and I'm pretty sure at the Penn Quarter farmers' market on Thursdays. They use local ingredients, working with farms in the area (I expect that's why it might seem pricey), and have various interesting (and seasonal) flavors. I don't know from authentic, so I understand if it doesn't fill your craving, but it's really worth a try, at least.

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            Ugggh! Dolcezza is crap! Overly sweet with not much flavor. It hurts my throat eating it. Terrible service. MY husband and I asked an employee where they get or make their gelato and they did not answer nor smile. Not only is it way over priced, but they do not nearly fill the tiny cups. If you want some real gelato go to Pitango gelato- about 45 minutes away from DC and its really great. All organic, no artificial crap, and great taste. This place is worth it.

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              Yes, Pitango in Fells Point (Baltimore) is delicious. They have a great spicy chocolate gelato.

          3. Sam's Cafe, in Rockville, does a respectable Italian-style gelato. The owners are Persian, so there are some odd flavors available as well, but the owner learned gelato-making in Italy.

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              That stuff is evidently made from mixes

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                Ummm, no. At Sam's Cafe, all of the gelato is made from scratch.

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                Since we're talking Iranian (Persian) places with gelato, there is also Classic Bakery (http://www.classicbakery.com/) in Gaithersburg. I am no connoisseur of the stuff, so I couldn't tell you if it is Italian-style, Argentinian or lunar. Last time I had it, I liked it. Plus, the baked goods are terrific.

              3. Go to Carmen's in Rockville, you will thank me!

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                  Carmen's serves Italian Ice, though, not gelato. Their "gelati" is Italian Ice layered with custard or frozen yogurt.

                2. One of the hidden secrets of the National Gallery is a decent gelaterie in the breezeway between the two wings. It may not be true or authentic to some palates, but the amounts are heaping, and you can get two flavors for less than five bucks. Plus--ART!

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                    Boccato Gelato in Virginia is wonderful. It is on Wilson Blvd in Clarendon, across the street from Whole Foods. They also have espresso now, the affogato with hazelnut gelato is great.