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Jun 11, 2001 07:43 PM


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Is anyone aware of good take out knishes in the Orange County/ L.A. County area? Would like to get near the quality of Yonah Schimels in N.Y.C.

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  1. NY quality, no but I think Art's Deli in Studio City is good.

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      The best knishes I have had were at Mr. Pickles Deli at 13354 Washington Blvd... They have knishes and spinach and potato burekas that are awesome. This deli has the best pastrami in town and the best knishes......

    2. Katella Deli in Los Alamitos has knishes, but they were very heavy (as though a knish could be light!)and a bit too doughy.

        1. re: DD

          I'm gonna have to disagree here. Canters is horrible, except for maybe a sandwich and atmosphere.

        2. There are no Knishes in LA just like his. Ours are Jelly Doughnut shaped and his are long tubes. The best wrapper and filling that I have had(and I am going to get beaten up for saying this) is Jerry's Deli. They are way overpriced and not worth it but they have a puff pastry like crust and pretty tasty filling. Mr. Pickles in Culver City also makes a very good Knish and a better price but still not as good.

          1. Schwartz's bakery on Fairfax has both potato and Kasha/buckwheat knishes. I don't know Yonah Schimmel's though I've read that Trillin likes them. These are hearty and tasty, and I enjoy them. I doubt though that Schwartz's goal is to make anything like anyone else, so if you want a copy of something, you're going to be disappointed.