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Jan 13, 2008 06:27 AM

Andouille, tasso, and bring-homeable foods near NOLA?

I'm in NOLA right now on vacation, going home early Wednesday morning. We're going to have a car on Tuesday to head out to Avery Island for the Tabasco factory and we'll be coming home that day. I want to bring home some andouille, tasso, boudin (if possible) or even alligator.

The trick is we don't have a cooler, so I'm not sure what will survive the flight back. Does anyone know a good location near NOLA on our way out to Avery Island (We take I-10 to 90, if that helps, all the way out towards New Iberia) to get some good Cajun charcuterie and other tasty goods?

I'm open to suggestions and advice outside of those.

Thanks in advance Chowhounds!

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  1. If you don't have a cooler, all of those butcher-shop items are out. Andouille, tasso, boudin, etc all require refrigeration. Why not buy an inexpensive, soft-sided cooler? Wal-Mart et al sell coolers that fold flat and hold the equivalent of two six-packs.

    1. You might try these guys. They look worth the extra effort and might have just what you need.

      Here's another more on your way...

      And here's a site you might want to look into when you get back home.

      But basically just keep your eyes open down Hwy 90 through the heart of Cajun Country.

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        B & C had a website? I never knew. I get my softshell crabs there when in the area. My sis likes their alligator gar burger. I've never had anything bad to eat there. Give em a shot.

      2. Check out where you can order things like tasso, andouille and boudin.