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Jan 13, 2008 05:40 AM

??"Puffy Taco" Main St., Round Rock

I was in the neck of the woods yesterday and popped over to DT RR to check it out. We stumbled across some place call Don's, Don Luis or something, Puffy Tacos? It was on the north side of Main St. going east right before you enter the strip of historic buildings. WOW! It was really good! We each had a puffy picadillo taco, and shared a regular beef crispy taco, carne asado soft taco, grilled beef (can't remember the name) soft taco, and rice. They have a salsa bar, and the iced tea is well made too. Everything was very flavorful, crispy where it was suppose to be crispy, soft where they were suppose to be soft and puffy-yet-not-greasy-or-soggy as intended. We loved that the "hot" salsa was just hot enough stopping short of overwhelming heat that can mask the flavor of the sauce. Kudos.

Every so often I venture beyond gringo tex-mex (not that there is anything wrong with that some of the time) but I was really impressed with this place.

Even the area around DT RR was kind of cute.

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  1. If you are going north on 35 and exit on 620 going east into Round Rock, there's a place on the right called Tio Dan's Puffy Tacos. Is that where you went? They have great breakfast and regular tacos and are always pretty crowded. The salsa is outstanding and their guiseda is awesome!

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    1. Maybe next time you can get there in time for the breakfast tacos. We order them weekly. They are just the right size. I'm the bland one of the group so I usually get the potato, bacon and cheese. The bacon is thin and crispy, not the chewy, hard pieces you usually get in a bacon taco. Round Rock has finally gotten restaurants that are worthy enough to stay in RR to eat.

      1. if you are in rr next time we have several good resturaunts like louisian longhorn cafe,gumbos,main st grill.also a great new thai place opened on redbud and gattis school road called thai spoon the first one we got in RR,

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          Love Main St. Grill, great Monica's salad.
          Don't care for Gumbos, rather go to Pappadeaux.
          Can't wait to try Thai Spoon and compare it to Thai Tara downtown Austin.

        2. If we're going to talk about Round Rock, then I can't not mention our favorite: Zorba's! Delicious, fresh Greek food. Inexpensive and healthy. My eight year old's favorite restaurant. Main Street Grille also excellent, but more like a date night, not a place for us to go with four kids (-: Sit in the vault for a private tete a tete (it's in a building that used to be a bank.)

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            I have noticed the Puffy Taco place is always packed, have to try it, have to admit it seemd like a grease pit by the name.
            We love Taquerias Arandinas, on the 620 W. from there, they have 3 incredible Salsa's and everything is fresh and good. My husband tried the Guisada tonight and it was outstanding!
            Teji also in that plaza has wonderful Indian.
            Hao Hao also in that plaza has wonderful Veit. & Chinese, we get it delivered and are so happy to have good asian place that delivers.
            We also Love Zorba's, we think they are spot on and we have eaten lots of Greek food, also in Greece too.
            Also in that same plaza as Zorbas is Chola Indian, we love that place.....

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              I agree with nytexan. Gumbos is much better than Papadeaux's. And, it is local. We eat their fish specials every time we go. Much better ambiance too. Our kids (and us too) love La.Longhorn. They are very kid friendly but not so much that the adults don't enjoy it. Last week we had the redfish with a fondue sauce. The fish was cooked perfectly and we used the french bread to soak up every drop of the sauce. Main Street and LL are our favorites. Sorry for the length but is LaMadelines a local restauant or will it be another chain coming to town.

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                la madelene is a chain but much better quality than alot in RR.great salads soups sanwiches and pastas.

            2. cholas is pretty good as is zorbas. i havent tried taqerias arandinas yet.yes sitting in the vault at the main st is a must,IN april 08 salt lick is opening next to the dell diamond.thai spoon is very good too.gumbos is good and pappadeaux is ok for a chain but no comparison on the quality imo.soon we will have a la madelene and a mimis cafe by the outlet mall come spring along with a REI in the fall. about time i say.