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Jan 12, 2008 11:21 PM

Looking for something to grind spices...

Hi, I'm looking for something that will grind my whole spices. I'm looking for something that will produce a very fine grind, just as you would see in a bottle of pre-ground spices. I have a cheap coffee grinder, but it doesn't break my spices into a fine enough grind, and I honestly doubt any coffee grinder would. Maybe there's one out there that does? That would be my ideal solution. My food processor isn't good enough either. And putting my spices in a pepper grinder and turning away would just take forever. Is there any product out there you'd guys like to recommend? Maybe even a good old-fashioned pestle and mortar would do the trick? I actually hear that pestle and mortars aren't good at getting really fine grind, but feel free to differ.

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  1. If you're wanting to get it super-fine, you could get a burr grinder. Bed Bath and Beyond has a decent Cuisinart burr grinder for $49, and Sam's Club has the same one for $29.

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    1. I have great success with my el cheapo coffee grinder, as long as I have enough volume of spices in the bowl. Small amounts tend to just get twirled around by the blade.

      If I have a small amount of spices to grind, I use my mortar and pestle and sift out the chunks.

      1. I have a Kitchenaid, which I believe is supposed to be a coffee grinder, although I've never used it for coffee. Not a huge capacity (which is good for spice use), maybe 1 1/2 cups at most. I use it freqently to grind spices and also use it to grind dried chile peppers when making my own chili powder. It gives me a very nice, uniform, fine grind. Looks like it is roughly $40 on the web. Model number is BCG1000WH

        1. I use a cheap blade grinder and then sift the larger bits out when I need a superfine product.

          I have a mortar and pedestal, but it is very slow and produces a uneven result.

          A burr grinder is probably the best choice, but I don't have the room to store a 3rd grinder, as I already have separate electric grinders for both spices and coffee.

          I have a small hand grinder that I use for small amounts of spices and blends.

          1. my little krups coffee grinder pulverizes the heck out of spices.