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Jan 12, 2008 08:20 PM

New Bakery in Albuquerque

Hello all,

I just went to lunch at this new place by El Pinto on Fourth Street. It is called Have Your Cake, but they appear to have lunches that include sandwiches and entrees.

I had a merguez, sweet potato, and harissa sandwich that was pretty tasty and a refreshing change from the usual Albuquerque fare. Has anyone else been to this place?


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  1. Jimbo,
    I haven't yet, but Gil has:

    We gotta get him on this board! *grin*

    1. Not yet, but thanks for the heads-up. There's lots of new restaurants in the NW part of town, both locally owned and chain. One of our favorite lunch spots is Viet Rice in the Rio Rancho Smith's mini-mall. Their pho is our usual, but we've tried almost everything on the menu and can report no disappointments.