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Jan 12, 2008 07:56 PM

Senseo coffee you swap?

I got the $15.00 Senseo a few weeks ago. The only adaptations I make to it are I fill the reservior with hot water and I microwave a mug 1/4 full of milk before I add the coffee and it makes a nice little "latte". I recently got the vanilla-caramel also.

HOWEVER, aside from the van-carm and the dark roast, thats about all my local stores carry. They do have a wider selection of pods like Tassimo. Has anyone swapped brands of pods?

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  1. I believe the Senseo pods are made of a cloth-like material (maybe like a coffee filter).
    The Tassimo pods are little plastic cups. When you close the "lid" on the pod holder it pokes a hole in the pod through which the water runs.

    1. I've seen a contraption at Walmart where you can fill your own pods for the senseo

      1. I order pods for the Senseo from Community Coffee. And I've tried a few other places - just google coffee pods - with good results too.

        1. Gossamer is right. Tassimo is not compatible. However, I have found quite a few Senseo-compatible pods on the Internet, and recently, my local supermarket began carrying pods in Kenya, Colombia, and some other blends - right on the shelf next to the Folgers! Yay!

          I also located some individually sealed compatible pods for sale at my local Tuesday Morning, very cheap. There is at least one eBay seller who gets different Senseo flavors (actually, I guess it's Douwe Egbert) from the Netherlands and sells them in her eBay store - by different, I mean they are not as readily available in American groceries, so it's a great way to try European-style coffee blends.

          And also, I bought Ecopad fillable pods from an Internet source for those emergency situations when I might not have pods available, so I can use regular coffee.

          1. The Senseo brand coffee pods are horrible (IMO)...

            I buy all different brands of pods on the net. You'll have to experiment as to which flavors/brands you like.

            There are people who swap... you can find them here at:

            Look at the boards there for deals/swappers/etc.