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Jan 12, 2008 06:56 PM

Essencha Tea House Cincinnati- Dec 2007 Report

I've posted about Essencha in Oakley before, and just wanted to update. I thought a fresh post would be better than an attachment to my older post.

Essencha is still there, still great, and I still wish I had it in Mpls. I got to go there 3 times, 2 before Xmas and 1 time after. The place was busy at all times, which I was happy to see. I was even happier that I arrived in time after Christmas, and after a group of 6 had just left, to be able to get a table, because the place was at capacity, including the tiny stools up front.

I got my favorite white tea for Christmas, but also had a Christmas gift certificate to splurge for extra teas to bring home to Mpls. So I'm very happy right now. The Xmas gift to my tea loving aunt was a certificate for Essencha.

Even met a native New Yorker in for business. She was waiting for a tea to go, and we struck up a conversation when she heard me order bubble tea. Turns out she visits the area routinely for work and always makes a point of coming here because it's the best place outside of NYC. I think we both had fun talking about how much we like Essencha, and tea. (Tiffany, if you ever read this, I really enjoyed meeting you and hope your trip home was good.) She also said the scones were terrific, but I was more in the mood for the (still) great edamame instead.

They are billing Tues/Thurs 4-6 as tea and music times. I really wish I could have checked that out, but I wasn't able to visit on those days. Maybe next time I'm back in Cinti.

So, good job guys! Glad you are still there. I hope to be back in the area in April and visit again.

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  1. finally went over thanksgiving and have to agree that everything was great. i had a passionfruit bubble tea which i liked but my dad had one of the daily specials - an almond steamer of some kind that was divine. was with a big group and split 4 different scones among us - all excellent. people especially loved the pumpkin (my fave) and the matcha. had some edamame and miso soup for my kids. all in all a great place - and definitely busy in the middle of a friday afternoon with a really eclectic crowd.