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Jan 12, 2008 06:23 PM

Worth a Drive in Westchester - your picks

I've been in Westchester for a year and with a new baby, I'm yet to make too many discoveries worth making a special trip to. I would love to hear about some more...

My picks

1) Blue Hill at Stone Barn
2) Kneaded Bread

Other than that I've had ok to good food several places, but these are the only two I would put on my exceptional list. What would you say is exceptional in Westchester for food - bakeries, restaurants, grocers, anything?


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  1. We just had lunch at X20 Peter Kelly's latest (fixed prix) in Yonkers...beautiful dining room with all glass...views of the Hudson to die for. The food was excellent and also beautifully plated. Valet Parking very reasonable.

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      Not in Westchester but close enough in Rockland, have to add Restaurant X as another excellent Peter Kelly establishment. Haven't been to Xavier's yet.

    2. 1) Pagoda in Scarsdale... Very good Chinese that is not greasy at all. They label themselves as "Healthy Chinese"... whatever. It is good and reasonably priced. I have friends who drive almost 20 miles each way to get takeout from here. Parking is not an issue.

      2) City Limits Diner at the very end of Central Ave across from the County Center. The same owners as Oceana in Manhattan... they have some excellent sandwiches and delicious desserts made by their on site pastry chef. This is not your typical diner but a much more upscale one. Family-friendly but expect a wait during peak times; they have their own parking lot. The breakfast is also amazing---country sausages, delicious pancakes, homemade granola, freshly baked muffins.

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      1. re: iluvcookies

        GITNYC, a very apt observation.

        I'd say:

        X20 in Yonkers for brunch
        Sunset Grille in White Plains for their pomegranate martini
        Ditto on Kneaded Bread in Portchester for their donuts (Sunday only)
        Cerbone in Rye Ridge for their napoleon cakes

        Worth a special trip. Hmmm, still thinking.

        1. re: dolores

          kneaded bread has donuts saturdays too.

      2. la tulipe bakery in mt.kisco and iron horse grill in pleasantville are both excellent

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        1. re: rich51

          I agree on La Tulipe-- I make a drive there (totally out of my way) many weekends to gobble up their universally excellent treats. Also, I don't mind driving 25 minutes to Little Mexican Cafe, and I'll also make the trip to Candlelight just for their wings.

          1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

            La tulipe's almond croissants are amazing- definitely worth a drive.... but when I look at the rest of their offerings they always seem a little too fancy for me. I'm looking for something to much on alone, and all of their things are so gorgeous I feel like if I buy a single-serving sweet I should still show it to all my friends before I eat it- they're really works of art.
            I like Lulu's in Scarsdale too- I'd go out of my way for those buttercream cupcakes any day... goodness

            1. re: Sourise

              Sourise, I've had their cakes, and I'm not at all impressed. More flash than substance.

              If you want amazing croissants, you need drive no farther than Portchester and the Kneaded Bakery. As good as La Renaissance in Larchmont, whose demise I still bemoan.

        2. Westchester Grocery - or Khan's Indian Kitchen - at 546 Commerce Street in Thornwood. Superb Indian/Pakistani food at a bargain-basement price. You could stuff yourself for under $10. Best cheap eats I've found in Westchester, bar none.

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            1. re: bosun

              I agree too. Cheap and authentic!

              Also, Aberdeen is good but for even more dim sum choices try the place in the best buy plaza on central avenue (I forget the name). The restaurant may not look as nice as Aberdeen but their dimsum selection is defnitely broader.

          1. Azteca, Mt Kisco for Mexican
            Acuario (both old and new locations), Port Chester for Peruvian
            Westchester Grocery, Thornwood for Indian
            Fujinoya, Hartsdale for Japanese
            Pagoda, Scarsdale for Northern Chinese dimsum
            Garlic & Pepper, Tuckahoe for Thai
            Aberdeen, White Plains for Cantonese dimsum
            Johnny's, Mt Vernon for pizza

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            1. re: pabboy

              Not Westchester, but just over the line on Greenwich Avenue I love Meli-Melo for crepes, soups and salads.

              1. re: pabboy

                I have to respectfully disagree about both Johnny's for pizza and Garlic and Pepper being worth a drive. We finally went to Johnny's last week and while the pizza was good, it was small and pricey and frankly not worth sitting there over 40 minutes for. I also don't think the Thai at Garlic and Pepper is that great.

                1. re: rolise

                  I agree on Johnny's. I went once and wouldn't go back. Racanelli's has good Neapolitan pizza and is comfortable.

                  1. re: rolise

                    I understand what you are saying but what are my alternatives? If I want Thai and don't feel driving to Queens then Garlic & Pepper is worth the drive...especially if you order items tell them to make it "authentic".

                    With regards to Johnny's, it doesn't hold a candle to Grimaldi's or Lombardi's, but it's not an hour drive away either. So it's definitely worth a drive for me.

                    1. re: pabboy

                      pabboy, have you tried Gianna's and Totonno's in Yonkers for pizza?

                      1. re: dolores

                        Yes... I found both to be just OK.

                        1. re: pabboy

                          pabboy, i have to agree with you. we have also found that Garlic and Pepper serves delicious Thai food, without the shlepp to Sripraphai in Queens. Swadee, in Thornwood, is also good.

                          I haven't been to Johnny's lately, but it was consistently tasty every time we tried it. Forget Totonno's in Yonkers. Anyone who has been to the original in Coney Island will taste the vast difference in quality. Sabbatino's, accross from the movie theater in Hawthorne, makes an ok for westchester coal burning brick oven pie.

                  2. re: pabboy

                    On this list, I've only been to Aberdeen which I thought was good, but not excellent. I've had much better dim sum at quite a few other places (although not in the NYC metro area).

                    1. re: GITNYC

                      This is off topic but where have you had better dim sum? I can only name 2 places... Ocean Jewel in Flushing and the restaurant on 60st and 8th ave in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Definitely no place in Manhattan Chinatown. I would like to try other good dim sum!!!