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Jun 10, 2001 09:37 AM

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Am I the only one or is it taking longer and longer to get this message board to load? Scrolling through this much information is also a bit difficult. I have a cable modem and it is still slow. I think that since we now have 3 1/2 years of messages on the board that we have a 1998, 1999, ...archive and have the active board with posts for the current year. It would slow down searches a bit but it would speed up loading the messages and I think be less taxing on your server. Just a thought.

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  1. Larry, This is a problem that is recognized by one and all, and very recently raised about the Manhattan board. This is how Jim Leff answered that query:

    "Agreed. Bear with us, we are operating with skeleton staff on a shoestring budget. There's a limited amount we can do, and things take a while."

    It was also noted that questions and comments about Site issues be addressed to the Site Talk board.