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Jan 12, 2008 05:30 PM

Where to buy Honeycrisp apples

I went to Sue's Produce today to buy my favorite apple but they were out of honeycrisps. I asked what would be a good replacement but was told there is nothing comparable. So my questions are are there any honeycrisps still around in the Philadelphia area or do I have to wait until next fall and what other apples are as sweet and crisp as the honeycrisp?

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  1. You might want to call Wegmans. That's where I was buying my honeycrisps. I have to confess I haven't been in Wegmans since just after Christmas, so I don't know if they will still have them now.

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    1. re: mschow

      Wegmans in Mt.Laurel did not have the honeycrisps last week. I haven't found a good substitute.

    2. Whole Foods in Jenkintown had them through the fall. I haven't looked lately, but I'd guess they are hard to find now.

      I was part of a big apple taste testing around Thanksgiving. We blind-tested about 10 different varieties from Wegman's. For the people who liked Honeycrisp best (including me), they also really liked Cameo and Pink Lady apples. They aren't the same flavor as Honeycrisp, but they have similar crispness and juicyness (sp?).

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        Thanks for the tip! I went to Whole Foods today and bought Cameo and Pink Lady apples. I tried the Pink Lady tonight and it was very crisp and light. Will check out the Cameo tomorrow!

      2. I found them at Acme last week and was going to take a peek today to see if they had more. I'm pregnant and have had a bit of an obsession with the honeycrisps this year. I don't normally like apples, but there is something about that type! I found Fuji apples to be a decent substitute. I'll have to try the Cameo and Pink Lady if I can't find the HCs.

        1. I am so glad to see so many responses. I did not eat many apples until someone gave me a honeycrisp and they have really upped my fresh fruit intake. I am going back to Sues and I am going to buy one of each of the apples mentioned here to see which one hits the spot. Thanks!

          1. Genuardis had them yesterday.