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Lobster Roll

I know it isn't lobster season, but I've been craving a lobster roll lately...what are the good ones in DC? I've only had Kinkead's and have no idea who else offers one...thanks

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  1. Hank's Oyster Bar (Dupont Circle or Old Town Alexandria). The best in town.

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      Second Hank's. Expensive and worth it.

    2. I like the lobster roll at Coastal Flats in Fairfax (but haven't had lobster rolls anywhere else in the metro DC area). It's as good as the ones I had in Boston many, many years ago (when they were not expensive!). It's served on a split hotdog roll that has been buttered and grilled, and the lobster has just enough mayo holding it together.

      1. As a Boston native, I'm pretty picky about lobster rolls. The only place that really fulfills my cravings is Hank's Oyster Bar. It's delicious. When I bite into it it sends me back to my childhood on the beach eating lobster rolls in the summer...they totally do it right. Minimal filling and mayo, celery to give it bite and big chunks of lobster. It's not cheap but its 100% worth it. I treat myself to to their lobster roll every few months.

        1. Bobby's Crabcakes in the new Rockville Town Square development has an excellent Lobster Roll - very generous with the intact claw meat. It's an easy walk from the Rockville Metro Station and there are several garages [currently free] within the development.

          There are differing views on their slaw, tartar sauce and crabcakes, but uniformly positive reviews of the Lobster Roll and Key Lime Pie.



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            hey, i was diein for a lobster roll here in maryland and i found one in downtown baltimore at Mamas on the Half Shell in Canton , which was $25 bucks, not bad and good size, i would go back again, i love lobster rolls and iam very picky how how its made, so there a good choice in baltimore, now for legal seafoods tysons is ok, but in rockville the legal seafood lobster roll is soooooooo much better, iam a big fan of lobster roll, next place iam try is Hank's Oyster Bar herd it was great, so good luck

          2. I like tackle box in georgetown. IMHO its the best.

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              .....And Tacklebox has awesome sides-the 2 I tried, anyway (grilled portobello mushrooms & beets.)

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                I had a big problem with the roll at Tackle Box. It didn't taste fresh when I had the lobster roll, plus it was less meat then Hank's (although I believe it was a little cheaper as well).

                I've liked everything else at Tackle Box though. And chicken kabob is right---their sides are great. In the summer their grilled asparagus is delicious!

              2. While we're on the topic of lobster rolls, does anywhere in this area do a hot buttered lobster roll? It just a grilled hot dog bun, fresh hot lobster meat, and butter. Nothing else. This is how I always ate them growing up in CT. We called it "lazy man's lobster" since you get all the hot meat without any of the work :-)

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                  Julia I haven't seen this style in the DC-area yet. Although they have them in Boston as well (where I grew up), although its not the "traditional" style there. If you are in Boston though I hear Neptune Bar has a great lobster roll with melted butter.

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                    Not 100% what you're looking for but Coastal Flats (Tysons and Fairfax locations) does it pretty close. They butter and grill the hot dog bun and have minimal mayo etc. on the lobster.

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                      Thanks Elyssa and Jongchen! Somehow, I am just seeing your replies now, or I would've replied sooner!

                  2. I've had the Lobster roll at Coastal Flat. It's pretty good and it won't break your pocket either. They have two location. One in Fairfax and the other one inside Tyson's Mall.

                    1. Being native Mainers, my sister and I just dined on lobster rolls from Fairfax Coastal Flats. They are, by far, the closest thing we've ever had in the DC area that comes close
                      to an authentic Maine lobster roll.

                      The roll was truly a New England hot dog roll - grilled perfectly. The mayo was just barely then and we were biting into huge chunks of fresh lobster meat. It was superb.