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Jan 12, 2008 04:26 PM

end of the year survey: What were your best 5 meals in MSP in 2007?

i'd love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I don't know if I can boil it down to my "top five" best meals, but I'll give you my top 5 favorite "new" dishes of 2007. I hope it's close enough to your criteria (I had so many wonderful meals in the Twin Cities in 2007) ...And by "new" I simply mean I hadn't tried this particular dish at this particular restaurant before, perhaps because the restaurant was new in 2007, or it was a new menu item in 2007, or simply that I just hadn't gotten around to ordering the item before 2007:

      In no particular order:
      1. quesadilla de chorizo, Taqueria La Hacienda, Minneapolis

      2. scallion pancakes at Tea House II, St. Paul

      3. duck confit at Ngon Bistro, St. Paul

      4. honey sesame seed ice cream sundae at the Minnesota State Fair

      5. BBQ pork ribs from Big Daddy's, St. Paul

      Other nominees:
      6. liver toasts, Jay's Cafe, St. Paul

      7. dan dan noodles, Little Szechuan, St. Paul

      8. meat momos, Highland Cafe and Bakery, St. Paul

      9. banana cream tart OR 10. farro w/ gorgonzola piccante, 112 Eatery, Minneapolis

      Looking forward to seeing others choices, including, hopefully, yours, DukeFan.

      EDIT: and since we're doing a 2007 round-up of sorts, I'd like to take a moment to thank all of my fellow passionate, articulate and knowledgeable Twin Cities 'hounds for all of the great chow you tipped me to in 2007. I've learned so much from all of you, thank you. I look forward to seeing your 2008 tips and, perhaps, meeting a few more of you at chowdowns.


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      1. re: The Dairy Queen

        I agree with TDQ that I am more comfortable naming dishes than meals, especially given how I order at restaurants - I like to do sampler meals, and I almost always end up liking one thing much more than others.

        My list, in no particular order, and not adhering to an arbitrary length:

        1. tagliatelle w/ foie gras meatballs from 112 Eatery
        2. Pumpkin ice cream from Izzy's
        3. Churros from Masa
        4. Turkey burger from Craftsman
        5. Truffle burger from Bulldog NE
        6. Cheese curds from Town Talk
        7. Croissants at Trung Nam's
        8. Crepes from the Midtown's farmers market.
        9. Pastrami sandwich at Be'Wiched

      2. 2007 was a phenomenal year for DH and I for food. I'm going to stick to meals, not dishes as best I can.

        1) La Belle Vie tasting menu with wine paring for our 1st anniversary, after a day at a beer fest. Perfect day with perfect food and drinks.
        2) At one of many visits to the Craftsman we started with the cheese plate, I had the Fish and Chips which were spectatular, and a brioche bread pudding for dessert. Num.
        3) A celebration of my and a friend's birthday at J.P. American Bistro. We tried everything. The biggest standouts were the foie gras salad and the pizza. Great wine too.
        4) Any and every time I go to Peninsula and get the Curry Tofu Hot Pot. Sooooo, good.
        5) On a work trip to Duluth, I tried Fitger's for the first time. While I remember I got the Salmon, and it was good, the beer blew me away. They had a winter warmer that was amazing. Also, my co-worker had never had salmon before, and I let her try mine. Weird.

        If I could go with a sixth, it would either the day long eating adventure at the State Fair.

        1. *sigh*..

          1. Yum Woon Sen at Thai Bazil (now defunct)
          2. Tom Yum @ Thai Bazil
          3. 3 seed sandwich + Cumin bean salad @ Birchwood
          4. Splitting 2 gosa gosa platters @ Blue Nile.
          5. Hok Mon Pla @ Thai Bazil
          ... this is so depressing

          Most fun new experiences:
          the chicken, corn, cilantro & cheese curd pizza at Pazzaluna
          sampling@Aribel's! (we ordered something from every section & shared)
          trying almost every flavor @ ring mountain ;)

          1. Thinking about my reply this is not neccasarily the best food or the best dish but that combination of food, location, company and time of day. The best meals have been at home with friends and lots of wine but in terms of meals out I enjoyed the following.
            1- almost any meal at Sea Salt in Minnehaha on a nice day - calamari, fish tacos, etc
            2- lunch at Vincents for a croque madame, omelet or other comfort food
            3- many lunches at La Sirena Gorda in midtown global market
            4- many pizza dinners at Punch always with Buffalo Mozarella
            5- a grilled calamari dish at Masa for dinner
            6- Can I cheat and say a cappucino at Kopplin's with a danish from Rustica (not a real meal but definitely one of the best things in town).

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            1. re: stpaulbreadman

              Wow this was really hard to narrow down to 5 but here goes.
              1. TheTex Mex at The Uptowner Cafe on Grand. My go to dish time and again for a sure fire hang over destroyer.
              2.The Rib-Eye Pho at Ngon. I've had this dish at least 10 times this year and was never let down
              3.The Shanghai Juicy mini buns at The Tea House off 94.I'm convinced Bourdain would love these highly addictive delights.
              4.The tried and true Juicy Lucy at The Nook
              5. Cioppino at Stella's Fish Cafe-Un goddly delicious.