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Jan 12, 2008 03:53 PM

Recommendations for "really good food" and a nice environment in the San Jose Area?

Any recommendations would be great! I want really "good food". Just a good all around meal. It doesn't have to break the bank but just good food. My husband and I want to go out tonight and want to try someplace new in the San Jose area (anywhere from Los Gatos to Milpitas or Morgan Hill to Palo Alto). Those are our boundries. Any type of food is fine....except Italian or Chinese.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Alexander's Steakhouse on Wolfe in Cupertino. Steakhouse with an Asian flair. Great Service...ask for Sabrina to be your waitress.

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        I will have to try it out. I have driven by it many times.

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          Every restaurant has its ups and downs, so here are my top 5 dishes:

          Dio Deka in Los Gatos, $$$: order anything and everything lamb, and save room for dessert.

          Trevese in Los Gatos, $$$$: order the square duck, and save room for dessert.

          Neto's in Mt.View, $: order anything w/ falafels, and save room for dessert.

          Hmmm...I seem to have a pattern going here...let's see if I can break it:

          Kebabs N Curry in Santa Clara, $: order the biryanis, tandoori lamb chops, and garlic naan.

          Chaat Basket in Mt. View, $: order the chaat baskets and the masala poori.

          Also check earlier threads on this board - there's lots of good eating here! Have fun.

          1. re: Shane Greenwood

            Manresa is awesome, but it can go into the bank-breaking area unless you have some restraint.

            The Grill on the Alley in downtown SJ is another alternative to Alexander's. It has a more traditional feel to the decor with plush dark leather booths, and dim lights.