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Jan 12, 2008 03:28 PM

Question about ANA MARIA's @ Grand Central Market

Hello Hounds,

I recently stopped by the Ana Maria's stand at Grand Central. Had their carnitas gordita, which was good and quite a feast.

My question is, I know some of the other Hounds have mentioned fish/scallop tacos @ Ana Maria's, but I did not see that on their menu at all... nor did I see anyone ordering or eating any of the seafood tacos -- just MEAT!

Is there ANOTHER Ana Maria stall in the market that I'm missing? Or do you simply have to ask them to make one special for you?


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  1. There is another stall called Maria's that sells both raw seafood and cooked, (including fish tacos). A bit confusing but you can enjoy exploring the GCM while you graze.


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      Servorg: Thanks for clearing that up and for the great map!