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Jan 12, 2008 03:27 PM

yardhouse pub???

they seem to be a chain mostly in SO CAL, but they are opening up 1 spot in vegas soon, they "bill" themselves as having the largest selections of draft beers THX.

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    1. They do have a great selection of beer both draft and by the bottle. They have some really good Belgian beers by the bottle and their wine list is not bad either. The food is pretty good but the reason to go there is definitely the drink variety! The ones in AZ have some good happy hour specials also. The only thing I don't like is the ones in AZ are in mall areas, so the crowd reflects it.

      1. Yardhouse is great! They have one here in South Florida. They have about 100 beers on draft at all times, including great seasonal selections. The food is really good "upscale" bar food.

        1. We have one in Glenview, IL. It's alright, I find the food overpriced but they do have a great beer selection.

          1. They opened one in Honolulu, in Waikiki. I haven't been but a friend went for lunch and enjoyed it.

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            1. re: KaimukiMan

              Uh - no sale here. Although I know that their main reason for operation is the beer.
              My sister and I were walking around Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga last night (Tuesday), around 8, saw Yardhouse, and decided to give it a try (we'd never been). We ordered a Ribeye steak, medium-rare, and Caesar Salad to share. We had 2 glasses of wine, since we prefer drinking it to beer.
              The Caesar Salad was nothing to write home about - the dressing didn't taste like any Caesar that I've ever had (and I've had many).
              The steak turned out to be shoe leather, with long, tough green beans and just passable mashed potatoes. We called the manager over, and she quickly comped us the steak.
              I don't think we'll be back. Besides the bad dinner, we don't care for LOUD places with TV sets all over the place, showing sports.

              1. re: aurora50

                Doesn't sound like a good fit for you, does it?

                I like their assortment of unusual brews and appetizers best, especially the ahi stack with wasabi.

                Never would have thought to order steak, caesar salad and wine there!

                1. re: mlgb

                  I'm with mlqb on this one. The Pub grub is fine, anthing fried is tasty, the beer selection is HUGE and the size oprions of said beers is really fun. Not fine dining but a cool spot to have some nibbles and good beer....I think the wine list is as un-inspired as they come

                  1. re: bubbles4me

                    I just have to say something about my experience.
                    As I said before, I know that it is a brew pub and appetizer place, but I strongly believe that you shouldn't put things on the menu that you can't do well. "If you can't do it well, dont' do it at all".
                    We first looked at the menu as it was posted outside, and based on what we thought we could eat, we decided to give it a try.
                    If they didn't have the salad, wine, and steak on the menu, then we would have realized that the place really wasn't for us (remember, it was our first time), then we would have gone to another restaurant.

                    1. re: aurora50

                      "but I strongly believe that you shouldn't put things on the menu that you can't do well"

                      That implies that there are restaurants out there that have perfect menus - given the general subjectivity of food choices, an impossible standard. Usually the market defines the menu -- they don't just throw things on willy-nilly. Take CPK for example, they used to have a caper, anchovy, onion and kalamata olive pizza. I thought it was great but I'm guessing that I'm the only person who thought so because it was banished to the CPK graveyard. If it soesn't sell it won't stay on very long. Maybe not to your liking, but it's a glorified TGI Friday's so caveat emptor.

                      And the manager addressed your issue, so that says a lot.

                      There's one in an outdoor mall in the Chicago suburbs and the 2 or 3 times I've gone it's been with my wife or with friends as a detour from shopping. I don't recall ever sitting at home and saying "let's go to the Yardhouse." It's the place you go to in the shopping center when you're hungry. In that context it's fine.

                      1. re: aurora50

                        They are not a brew pub, they have a lot of draft beers on tap, but they don't brew their own.

                        Also, part of their "thing" is rock music and TV sports. I'm surprised you didn't notice that before you decided to order.

                        I do agree that it's pretty sad that they couldn't cook your steak (to share) properly, but at least they did comp it.

                        Now you know, anyways.

                        1. re: mlgb

                          You see mlgb, we did know that it was loud beforehand, but we decided to try it for the FOOD - if the food was to our liking, we could have put up with the loud music and TVs.
                          As you said before, there is just not enough for us, particularly, to make for a good fit.