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Jun 9, 2001 02:41 AM

Soybean - Westside

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The place is called Soybean. It is on Wilshire, just East of Bundy.

I have eaten at this place innumberable times and I have always found it absolutely delicious.

But it is the American Chinese I'm talking about. Kung Pao this, Orange Beef, Moo Goo Gai that...

I love Chinatown and San Gabe chinese, but is there a chowhound among us that has been to this spot on Wilshire near Bundy who can back me up about this joint's status of being the best American Chinese gut-bomb food?

Seriously, I love this place to death.

Not authentic, but run by 100% chinese, who know how to please.

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  1. There was an earlier post of this place on April 28th. (Re(1): Good Chinese on the Westside?) Check the link below. I responded to the post by picking up their takeout menu and almost ordered for delivery last night but got sidetracked.
    Soy Bean Chinese Restaurant
    11966 Wilshire Blvd.


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      Get the orange beef, Jerry. It is a must.