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Jan 12, 2008 02:59 PM

4 nights in Vegas - quick reviews

Just back from CES in Vegas for four nights of buisiness dinners

AquaKnox (Venetian) - Always a favorite. Shellfish and bivalves are always top drawer. The shrimp/crab/lobster cocktail trio was excellent. Fried green tomatoes with crab were great. Entrees here can be overshadowed by the starters, but the Indian-style scampi were great.

Louis's (off the strip) (not the FishCamp) - Cabbies won't know where it is, only open for 7 weeks. I was concerned about it being too new and slow turning inventory. The place was practically empty, but the waiters were attentive. Osteen was at the bar, not cooking. My guests were a bit baffled by the menu, not being southern.
Crab cakes were superb, one guest provlaiming them the best he'd ever had. Chopped salad with lobster was a hit as well.
Entrees were simply incredible. Grilled scallops with shrimp hash were spectacular, and the two guests who ate the big steak plate because of the recommendation in Maxim magazine said it was one of the best they ever had.
We skipped dessert.
Warning: this thing is in a new open air mall well off the strip. No cabs. The hostess ordered our cab and it never came, nor any other we called. We got back to the hotel by flagging down a hotel shuttle bus. Plan ahead.

Joe's Stone Crab (Caesars) - Eat at the one in Miami. Boring as hell.

David Burke (Venetian) - starters are the star here. Angry lobster was clever and excellent. The crab cakes were very fine. Foie grois was just ok. The entrees were disappointing.

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  1. Louis's is actually in a huge shopping mall called TOWN SQUARE, and it's easy to get to, it's right on the strip, across from the airport landing strip at sunset and LVB, right next to FRY's electronics. I'm waiting for the tommy bahama cafe to open up soon.:)

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      Yup... address is on LV Blvd, so I don't see how anyone can miss the general location. On my way to Vegas for a couple of days tomorrow. I'll be hitting Rosemary's fer sure, but may have to give Louis' a try.

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        Heh, ever since the Town Square mall opened, i've been dying to take a look around and find out what's exactally there. When i'm at Fry's, I marvel at all the cars milling about both lots, wondering if there was any good eats to be had there. I'm moving to that side of town in Feb, so i'll be more apt to check out the restos there now! Thanks for the heads-up!

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          Tommy Bahama's will open Feb 18th.

        2. Went to Louis's Fish Camp on Friday. The service was horrible and it wasn't even crowded (although they said it was -- Still tables and no wait is considered crowded). Found the food passable but expensive for what it was. Pork was ridiculously salty