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Jan 12, 2008 02:53 PM

Attari Sandwich Shop

I finally made my way to this sandwich place over on westwood and i ordered the kuku sandwich. Most people who I read ate there loved this one the most.
And, I was horrified coz I just didn't love it! It didn't have the pickled radishes I expected but an actual pickle and it was just so-so...It was not amazing.
I was so looking forward to this place. Where did I go wrong?????!@#$%^

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  1. you may just not like the dish. it isn't supposed to have pickled radishes, btw.
    it can be good with yogurt.

    1. Yeah, I first had one of their kotlet sandwiches (which I liked) and then had the kuku sandwich (after hearing great things), but was very disappointed. I guess the kuku is not for me.

      1. You missed out on the soup. I thought at first that it's a bit of an acquired taste, but by the end of the bowl I was hooked.

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          i must go back and try the soup. i'm a soup fanatic. i just so wanted this to be my new sandwich place.
          your right, mayeb the kuku is just not for me...

        2. The kuku is an acquired taste. I'm a huge fan of the Aash (spelling?) which is their amazing daily soup. Try that, and you will become a convert.

          I haven't had their Friday soup special.