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Jan 12, 2008 01:59 PM

Pomegranate on Main - Greenville, SC

I just can't say enough about this new restaurant!

I've been at least 6 or so times since Ali opened the doors, breaking all of my rules about eating at new places right after they open.

We dined at the bar and this trip we had:

Cocktails - dirty martinis. Different bartender than we've had in the past (now Jessica) and she was very good. She knew the menu, the details, was very attentive, but not overly so.

Appetizer - hummus. We get it everytime we go, it's done well and served with flatbread made in house (to order).

Entrees - Shrimp Kabob which included marinated jumbo shrimp, charbroiled and served over a bed of basmati rice with dill and lima beans. You can also sub out any of their rice selections for the one offered as the pairing on the menu. The shrimp absolutely could not have been cooked any better!! I very rarely order shrimp out around here b/c I find that most places overcook it and it lacks flavor. After chatting with someone else at the bar who was just wrapping up their shrimp kabob entree, they convinced me that I needed to try it. The charbroil flavor was truly wonderful and the shrimp had been butterflied before being skewed and were so tender and juicy. I would get that over and over and over again.

We also had Bademjan, which is a stew. We tried it b/c the owner plated an appetizer for everyone at the bar while we were preparing to order. The appetizer, which isn't on the menu (he says b/c he can't control the quality or the quantity) is basically the bottom of the stew pot that has been cooking for hours and has gotten a little crispy. SO good, though I can't remember the name for it. The little bit of stew involved in that appetizer led us to order up the entree - the flavors were so intriguing! It was pan fried eggplant and veal, slow cooked in a tomato based stew, served with basmati rice and the tomato sauce was almost light, the eggplant melted in my mouth, and the spices were wonderful together.

Dessert - We had the 1001 Nights Chocolate Cake. Very rich, very good, but didn't blow me away like a flourless chocolate cake from Devereaux's does. Simple and a good option none-the-less.

Tea - we had the Persian tea that they offer and it was out of this world! So aromatic, a slight berry flavor, smooth, and intoxicating. It's served with sugar cubes that Persian tradition dictates are put in the mouth, then you drink the tea (instead of plopping them in the tea cup). What a wonderful way to end the meal and I wish I could find the Persian tea to have at home!!

The restaurant was backed to the limit the whole time we were there (8pm on a Saturday), so you may want to consider a reservation if you head there on the weekend. They also do lunch, catering and have an infrared heat source on the patio so you can dine outdoors year round

I highly recommend it!

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  1. Hi ap - I think I've already mentioned that I don't share your enthusiasm for Pomegranite, so I won't belabor it. I will jump in here and say thanks for telling me about the gelato place. Pretty good stuff, and I really like the chicken broth and tortellini soup.

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    1. re: danna

      I was excited to try this place for lunch. It was enjoyable, but kind of Nouveau Persian. It lacked intense flavors and was rather bland for what it could have been. Flavors seemed oversimplified. I thought with a lot of internationals living in G'ville there would be appreciation for the full-on flavor of ethnic foods.

      1. re: golodni

        Bland, yes , bland was my impression, in a nutshell.

    2. I had lunch there last week. The kubideh kabob were tasty but the whole dish consisted just of meat, plain basmati rice and a roasted tomato. I could have used some sauce. My friend said her chicken kabob was good also, not dried out.

      It was a decent lunch, and it's just nice to see more international restaurants around here. I really miss eclectic fare after living in Silicon Valley. I'll be curious to see how their pomegranate chicken stew stacks up.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Hi all. I've been there quite a bit. It is very traditional. I have been to Iran too, and this is really very traditional food - same as I had there. We are used to putting gravy on our rice - they don't. But, what they traditionally do is to cut up the grilled tomato and mix that with the basmati rice and add a little salt and sumac (the spice in the little dish on the table). I don't think its at all bland, but if you want more flavor - try the stews. Give it another try - I've been to a lot of Persian restaurants all over the country - I think it's one of the best!!

          1. I thought is was real persian food. I don't that type of food is very intense in flavor. I thought the food was good. I thought the rice was great.

            Americans, French, Koreans and Greeks normally have very intense flavors that "jump" on the palate. There are many countries that we would think were bland and I think POM does a great job for a Gvegas persian eatery.