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Jan 12, 2008 01:06 PM

Korean BBQ recs

Hey 'hounders,

I have been dying for good Korean BBQ since I moved back to SoCal and my husband and I, along with a friend, have decided upon this cuisine for dinner tonight. I'm excited. We haven't tried anything in LA yet, but I have searched the board and found Soot Bull Jeep and Park BBQ to be the most recommended. I have some questions/concerns about these spots, based on the boards.

First, Soot Bull Jeep - How bad is the post-bbq smell? I only care because my friend is SUPER anal and the last bonfire we had, he complained about his clothes smelling. In addition, we are going out barhopping after dinner and I don't want to go home and change. What do you guys think?

Second, Park BBQ - How expensive is it? We are in a bit of a budget since we're going out drinking after (probably want to spend no more than $30 or so pp). Is this possible here without sacrificing quality?

Third, what other great Korean BBQ recommendations do you have? We live in W. Hollywood, but are willing to drive 20 minutes or so. THANKS GUYS!! :)

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  1. My vote is for Park's at this outing it cost $25 person, all inclusive. Also, their ventilation system is very good so smell is minimal.

    Soot Bull Jeep: emphasis on the soot (i.e., the smell is pretty bad).

    One of my other favorites is Sa Rit Gol. It's not charcoal bbq so the smell is not that bad. Even the non-bbq items are really good here.

    Another place that I like, which will cost you about $30 per person, is Cham Sut Gol


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      Thanks Bon Vivant for the Park's BBQ specifics...and the other recs. We ended up going to Park's tonight and it was outstanding. The Kobe beef was scrumptious, the side dishes were plentiful and the service excellent. It was $35 each including tax and tip for 3 people. We had the Kobe beef, seasoned short ribs, 2 bottles of beer (which are large) and 1 bottle of soju. It wasn't cheap, but it definitely wasn't outrageous either, considering the quality of the meat. It is also a great spot for a group. We had a blast drinking and cooking the meat. Delicious food, good service, excellent quality, and definitely not extremely pricey.

      1. re: erintoc

        I'm glad that you had a great experience. I know that SBJ has its fans but I always pay less at Park's and the quality of food, service, etc. is so much better.

        If you go to Park's again, make sure to order the #2 (unmarinated prime shortrib) - it is divine.

    2. it'll probably end around 40-50pp @ parks after tax/tip IMHO

      the excellent cuts that you want from park's are 30 per plate, so 2x those + some drinks...