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Jan 12, 2008 12:45 PM

Seeking name of Quebec restaurant

When I was a boy in the early 1960's, we took a cruise to Quebec, Nova Scotia and Bermuda via Furness Bermuda Line. In addition to the Chateau Frontenac, we also ate at a restaurant that was high up on a hillside with large picture windows and a spectacular view. They served me my first ever piece of raspberry pie - which remains memorable to this day. As I may be visiting again soon, what might this restaurant be (if still there) or have been? Many thanks.

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  1. Was it Chateau Montmorency ? Next to waterfalls ? They are up on a cliff. And the view is indeed spectacular. I have no idea if the food is good there nowadays. But you'll find raspberry pie at many places.
    There are plenty of other good places in Quebec City: Utopie, Laurie Raphael, Clocher Penché, Café du Monde, Monte Cristo... Unfortunately the best food does not often come with the best view... But if you chose carefully, you'll eat well. I say carefully because there are many tourist traps.
    Have a nice trip !

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      Since my dad was an avid photographer who organized everything, I can dig out the trip pictures and probably show to folks when up there. If no one recognizes it, I'll certainly take you up on one of the other suggestions. Many thanks!