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Jan 12, 2008 12:41 PM

Boat Street Kitchen brunch

Was there this morning. The scramble with red pepper and goat cheese was probably the most perfect scramble to which I've ever been a party, and came with a wonderfully warm, soft on the inside and crusty on the outside hunk of baguette and simple, tasty fruit. The cornmeal custard cake was also killer, and came with a very nice, spicy link o' sausage.

I enjoyed my meal all the more for a service anomaly: the entire waitstaff was 30-40 minutes late, and the chef selflessly extended himself to the first wave of diners, graciously and efficiently taking orders, serving food, figuring out the coffee machine, etc.

Although I urge the servers to invest in better alarm clocks, BSK definitely endeared itself to me today.

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  1. Steve, I am such a HUGE fan of Boat Street, and yet I never knew they served brunch? Thank you for enlightening us!

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      One caveat: Boat Street Kitchen is open for brunch and lunch, Boat Street Cafe is open for dinner. These are related, but separate businesses. I like them both.