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Jan 12, 2008 12:41 PM

Need Ideas for Fiance's Birthday Dinner

My fiance's birthday is Feb 18, it's a Monday night. He loves Italian food - past years I have taken him to Babbo (which we love), Alto (also loved) and Il Mulino (not our taste). He took me to L'impero for my birthday this past year which we also really enjoyed. We've already tried Del Posto before. What great Italian restaurant I should take him to this year? I would like to keep it to around $250 for both of us including a bottle of wine. All neighborhoods are fine. Thanks!

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      1. re: kobetobiko

        New York magazine just named (in the Jan 7th issue) Insieme as their best new restaurant.

      2. I was thinking of A Voce - is the atmosphere nice there? What about Apizz or Scalini Fedeli? I want it to be a special dinner.

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        1. re: foodlovernyc

          The problem I have with A Voce is that the very modern, sleek, all hard surfaces decor results in an insanely high noise level when the room fills us. It's what's kept us from going back despite the excellent food.

        2. go to astoria queens, piccola venezia

          1. If you had to choose between Insieme & A Voce which one would you choose?

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            1. re: foodlovernyc

              I have to agree with the post that A Voce is very modern and sleek with a high noise level which you can say adds "energy". I love the food though. And, last time I went Martha Steward was sitting right behind me. When either of us moved we had a say "excuse me" for bumping chairs. We also overheard everything one of her pompous guests pronounced during the meal. The best was when they brought the truffles out to the table for the guests to smell. He gushed, "I had truffles last week at Daniel and they were FLAVORLESS!" Martha sniffed the truffles, ignored his comment, and proceeded to order a truffle dish. I have to say I wasn't a Martha fan before this dinner, but she did move up several rungs in my book.

              So, the bottom line is, how important is a romantic vs. vibrant setting to you?

              Have a great time wherever you pick!