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Jan 12, 2008 12:24 PM

Lucali's: liquor license?

Anyone know if they have one yet?

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  1. No, its BYOB. I'm not even sure they're really trying to get a license.

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    1. re: oolah

      got it, thanks. we just got back. man, that calzone.

    2. let's hope they don't even want one. the place RULES as is...

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      1. re: TBird

        Not much has changed there since day one, which was well over a year ago, so I would be surprised if they decided they had to have one now.

        1. re: brooklynr

          Actually, I can think of at least 3 things that have changed:

          -- Mark now allegedly lets his brother (in-law?) move the pizzas around in the oven

          -- They now have calzones

          -- Someone erased "Watch for our grand opening!" from the chalk board on the North wall.

          Other than that, I think it will be the same, Mark and all, 30 years from now. ;)

          1. re: Peter

            They've always had calzones, at least several months back when I was last there.

            1. re: Larry Brooks

              They've had calzones since my first visit, which was over a year ago (admittedly not "day one," but close enough). I stipulate the other points :)

              1. re: brooklynr

                Calzones have indeed been on the menu for some time but they were added a good bit after opening.

                I also think Mark made a change of some sort to the dough or sauce 'cause he insisted I try one about 6 to 10 months after he opened (about 6 months ago). Since then I think he's much happier to be making calzones -- before that I think it was really to appease some of his regulars.