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Dim Sum Carts for Dinner?

I know dim sum is usually served early in the day, but is there any place in Chinatown that has got the dim sum carts for dinner?

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    1. yeah, pretty sure the answer is no.

      1. Or asking for milk and sugar with your Oolong tea (at dim sum) or a cappuccino after dinner in Italy.

        But I am with the OP, I would love to have Dim Sum as a dinner alternative.

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          Not with the cart, but Dim Sum Go Go (as Chandavkl pointed out below) and Oriental Garden do have dim sum available during dinner. You just have to order from the menu.

          In Hong Kong, they do have dim sum for late night, like after dinner starting at 10ish pm.

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            yea, but still no carts in hong kong.

        2. How I wish.... but no. Dim sum is not considered "dinner" food.

          1. I don't think there's a place anywhere in the U.S. that has dim sum carts at dinner, and the few places having evening dim sum are either anomalies (e.g., Dim Sum Go Go) or leftovers.

            1. Nowhere in Chinatown, but you can to go Shun Lee Cafe on the UWS and get it.

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                Ooh, speaking of which. Have you had the dim sum there. What's the report?

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                  It's just ok, nothing special. It's an UWS location so they tone down the authenticity and flavor.

              2. Though not in C-town (but nearby) is Chinatown Brasserie.

                1. no way.. dim sum for dinner is another "no-no" like eating fried rice for dinner (it's strictly a lunchtime deal)

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                    This is not really true though. In Asia, people have dim sum for breakfast, lunch and late night. Less so for dinner. it is NOT strictly a lunch time deal (though it appears that way in the states)

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                      That's like saying that you can only eat eggs for breakfast. Dim Sum Cafe is packed every night because people like it.