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Diet Cocktails

Hubby and I are on WW, and we're looking for low points cocktails. For those of you not familiar with the ways of WW, this means drinks with non sweet liquor, i.e. vodka, run or gin - a shot is 2 points. Fruit juices, undiluted, are high points and should be avoided. Mixing drinks with sweet liqueurs such as triple sec add another 3 points, so I'd rather not use it. Simple syrup might be okay (1 point for 2 tsp. sugar) if a lot isn't used. I bought some stevia that I might experiment with...

Any ideas?


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  1. drinks from when I am on an Atkins/Paleo hybrid diet

    vanilla stoli and diet coke.
    cuba libre with diet
    Gin and diet tonic water
    Vodka & soda w/lime
    Miller Lite (98Cal)

    Yes they are not all as good as a high end cocktails, Yes diet coke is sorta gross. BUT when watching calories its a decent alternative.

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      I do like Captain Morgan's and diet ginger ale. What do you consider "highballs"? That is what my grandma called any mixed drink.

    2. You can use splenda and make (somewhat passable) sours, mojitos, etc.

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        Splenda doesn't agree with me, but thanks for the idea anyway

      2. Dirty Vodka Martini

        Fill short glass with ice
        Pour vodka to about 3/4 full
        Add olive juice to taste (I add about 2 tsp)
        Drop in two olives

        You can measure the vodka if you like, but after a couple of these you probably won't care anyway ;)

        1. A lot of the calories in whatever you choose to drink come from the alcohol - 7 cal/g vs. 4 cal/g carb/sugar, and 9 cal/g for fat.

          Watch out for the spiced rums and flavored vodkas. Many of those have added sugar, which is not noted on the bottle.

          Diet Ginger ale and Bourbon/Rum is good. Also, original Fresca goes good with bourbon - throw in a dash or two of orange, peychauds, or Angostura bitters for extra spice and flavor.


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            Actually, spiced rum - I checked a few brands - has the same amount of calories as regular rum. About 60 - 70 per ounce.

          2. Diet Mojito

            Muddle mint sprigs with lime wedges
            Add 1 jigger white rum
            top off with diet lemon/lime soda

            I have on occasion added s/f vanilla syrup to make the drink sweeter and add a different flavor profile

            1. Martinis are pretty low-cal. So is single-malt scotch, neat. Keep it simple.

              A "real" margarita, with tequila, lime juice, and Cointreau (nothing else) should not be that bad either. Point system aside, I has got to have way less sugar and calories that a vanilla Stoli and diet Coke.

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                There's no sugar in Stoli Vanil, nor in diet Coke. Cointreau DOES have sugar, and, even though only a small amount would be used in this margarita, it's still an increase.

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                  Yes, Cointreau, G. Marnier, and other liqueurs are upwards of 25% sugar - that's why they're SOOO smooth and yummy. Kahlua and Sambuca are even higher - around 50% sugar!

                  Single malts and blends of Irish and Scotch whiskeys also can contain some small amounts of sugar.

                  At the end of the day, you've just gotta decide what a drink is worth to you...

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                  At more than 60 cal per oz., I would hardly call gin/vodka low-cal. A couple of decent size martinis is about as many calories as a Big Mac (of course the martinis are much tastier!).

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                    Vodka and Gin drinks with non-calorie mixers are about as low cal as you can get. If that is over the threshold of one's diet, then one must choose not to drink at all.

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                      Well, considering that 12 oz. of soda (sugary mixer) contains about 100 calories and 12 oz. of Vodka/Gin contain about 800 cal, it's a little hard to see how one could consider a martini 'low cal'.

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                        i am not sure of your point. Can you name another drink that has less calories then vodka and diet /highball/gin & diet tonic etc?

                        Miller lite is about the lowest calorie beer with about 98 calories.

                        Margarita with lime and triple sec will clock in with atleast 125-150 assuming unsweetened lime juice.

                        I am not trying to be difficult but I would like to know what alcoholic drink has < 90 cal a serving because i will def try it out :)

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                          I think the point in WW as well as Atkins is that alcohol is metabolized differently than sugar. Hence on either diet a boubon and diet drink is much preferable to a bourbon and regular soft drink. Calories are not the be all and end all of either diet.

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                      I hate to burst your bubble, but a shot of tequila is 2 pts. (100 calories) and a shot of Cointreau is 3 pts (150 calories) so your margarita is 5 points, which is almost as much as a small fast food shake. The sweet liquor really racks up the caolories.

                    3. My diet cocktail is whatever I feel like drinking (gimlet, martini, scotch, white wine, whatever) cut half-and-half with club soda or sparkling water. The water helps the drink go further without adding calories or points. This doesn't work with all drinks, but it's better than nothing.

                      And it helps to develop a taste for non-sweet drinks (something I am gradually learning to do).


                      1. Get a bottle of Chartreuse VEP (the green one) and pour over crushed ice and be prepared for lift-off. If it's too strong at first the water will dillute it to make it a little easier.

                        You could also try a diamondback, one part each of green chartreuse, rye and applejack, stir and drink. The advantage is that even with the rye it's strong enough and easy enough to drink you won't have more than one or two. I wouldn't recommend using the VEP with this, as that would be kind of a waste.

                        It's 100 calories an ounce and 110 proof for the normal green, 108 for the VEP.

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                          A shot is 1.5 ounces, so, chartreuse would be 150 calories or 3 points per shot. What does it taste like?

                        2. Hi Momskitchen. My hubby and I were on WW for 2 years with great success. Good luck to you!

                          I love the low sugar, low calorie OJ with vanilla vodka (or plain Vodka). This would be about 2-3 pts. Also, diet tonic & gin with lime squeeze - 2 points.
                          But my FAV., is the Bloody Mary. Get some Mrs. T's mix (for ease, YES, you could make your own), and good vodka - cheers! It as 2 grams fiber and feels like a meal.

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                            great idea! I didn't even think of a bloody mary!